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balance the herb?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by wenahaone, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. yeah i think a smart pot head wants dumb pot heads money LOL! but hey, trial and error lol
  2. I skimmed the site and couldnt actually find what the product really claims to do besides counter-act the negative side effects of marijuana use, which is pretty fucking vague if you ask me.

    and one of their testimonials:
    "Balance the Herb gave me back my intestines."
    PP, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  3. idk, one of bob marley's sons kymani marley uses/advertizes it...
    so unless hes in on the scheme o_O
    which i doubt he is...
  4. He wouldn't be advertising it if he wasn't making money. But, I have never used it so who knows..
  5. i saw this in High Times i thought it lowered your tolerence...
  6. I like your fishing pics, I'm an avid fisherman myself.

  7. thanks. Hope to take and put up lots more this summer..... a few more this winter, also.
  8. yeah this stuff seems way sketch in my opinion
  9. i personally dont think its needed. but if someone is willing to try and post a review about it that would be helpful

  10. Most likely.

    I think you can get the same or better effects just from eating complete and healthy, and doing exercise.

    Throwing 500 different plants and herbs into a pill and selling it as a cure to something is an old trick. Nowdays though, they have photoshop to make a fancy and proffessional looking bottle and website.

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