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    any other blades like to bake ? it's definitely one of my favourite things to do. cookies, cakes, bars, pies, breads.. you name it.
    last year for christmas my now ex-boyfriend bought me a marble pastry board and rolling pin.. i love them so much, helps out with pie crust that's for sure.
    yesterday i whipped up just a plain vanilla cupcake, scoop some of the middle out, filled it with lemon curd (leftover from the thumbprint cookies i baked last week) and iced them with lemon buttercream. i only made a dozen and there's one left so they were a success i think.

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    just finished a bowl of strawberry shortcake which i devoured in about 10 seconds haha.
    earlier today i went to the berry farm on the edge of town and picked myself a couple pints of awesome.. then i baked the shortbread and started macerating the strawberries before dinner.
    after din, i made some whipped cream (and dyed it red for shits and giggles) then put everything together. simple and so good.
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    just finished filling a couple dozen maple cream sandwich cookies in honour of my fine country's birthday today.. happy 146th canada, you rule.
    i'm realizing i should start taking pics of my treats if only to start some sort of portfolio for the future.. oh and to let people drool over the deliciousness haha.
  4. being lactose-intolerant and fudge-craving all the time, this thread is a sweet fucking nightmare to me. I'm in hell. 
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    you need to find someone who can bake you suitable treats !!
    ps. that's me if we're ever close enough !
  6. How much do you spend in a month on baking?
  7. I love baking. But it seems like you have the patience and effort to get into the cooking from scratch. I make pizzas and cakes and whatever else needs to go in the oven to cook. I just baked a batch of cupcakes. They were pretty good!
    I want to get into making cheesecakes.
  8. I would be over 300 lbs easily if I started baking. I have made simple things, cookies, brownies etc but I usually end up eating too many and getting sick.
    I have an amazing cookbook called Vegan Cupcakes Takes Over the World, and there's some great lactose-free recipes in there.
    I just made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with brown sugar "cream cheese" frosting. So good I nearly fainted.

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