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Baking brownies with an eighth of dank?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by ohaiwill, Jun 12, 2009.

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    How would I go about doing this? I mean because every recipe I've seen calls for half an ounce or more, so what do I do differently so I can use just an eighth?
  2. I'd say get more, or find a recipe that requires an Ounce, then only use 1/8th of all the ingredients it requires, if that makes sense, i'm actually not even sure if that would work, and an 1/8th would get you like 1 brownie, and you don't really need dank to make good edibles since they are already extreamly potent, just get some mids.
  3. If you're making one tray of brownies I find a 1/4 ounce is ideal. You can add your cannabutter to anything. So, you can take any recipe and almost all baked goods worth eating have a shitload of butter in them. So just replace some of the butter the recipe calls for with your delicious cannabutter...

    Case in point - I make magic cakes.
    Magic cakes are little sponge-cupcakes made with cannabutter and decorated to look like little butterflies with cut & dried shrooms in the icing, will post picks when I make my next batch.
  4. I thought that since I just had my first brownie experience last night, and I have NO COOKING SKILL WHATSOEVER, I would post what I did and how it was.

    I looked on grasscity as well as some other sites for the best recipe, but really it seems like all u need is oil a pan and weed and u can't go wrong.

    So that was essentially what I did, and I didn't measure a lot except I did measure the 1/2 cup of oil b/c thats what the brownies called for.

    I threw in

    10gs of reg aprox., 1/2 cup of oil, and simmered and stirred for 45 minutes. Then I made the marble swirl brownies they have and used the oil I made immediately in the brownies. after those cooked I ate them and it was seriously that easy. An hour and a half later I was so high I could hardly stand.
  5. haha nice
  6. At first I couldn't tell if it was because I had just hit my neighbor's grav bong or if it was the cigarette I was smoking that made me feel so useless. Then I remembered the brownies I ate an hour and a half before. It was a completely different kind of high though really. I felt seriously kind of like I was in the womb. Like I couldn't move very much and I was very slow to talk and laugh but everything felt perfect. I plan to make more tomorrow. I ate way too many last night.
  7. good job on the brownies, ive wanted to make them for so long but just haven't had the chance
  8. Mmmm, marble swirl! I've been wanting to cook so badly, but I just can't for the life of me find any shwag! :( I don't wanna waste my danky.
  9. That's what I love about edibles. Sometimes I forget I ate it and then it just creeps up on you. One time I was just watching tv and wanted to get some milk. It was so hard to get up and when I did I fell back into the chair and that's when it hit me full force.
  10. Nice man. How many brownies did you make?
    I'm planning to make brownies next week I can't wait!!!

  11. :D I love marble swirl! Man, your thing says H-town. I'm in ATX and drove to H-Town just to get the shwag lulz. :hello: . It's so easy though like I'm considering using dank for it. It's definitely not a waste :D.

    Yeah man, I had to piss for like an hour, but you know I wasn't gettin up. I still felt lifted all morning too. I'm just now lighting up my first bowl (as I type) and I've been up since like 9am.

    I made a 9x9 tin. I dunno how many brownies it was. I ate a third of the pan and gave a third to the girlfriend and a third to a neighbor for some cigarettes :smoking:. We all agreed we were way too stoned lol. Good luck with yours! Trust me, its way easier than you think. I'm not very adventurous with cooking, but the oil on the stove thing is so simple I mean as long as it simmered for longer than 35 minutes the rest is up to you.
  12. Haha awesome success story, can't wait to try it myself.
  13. I'm making a second batch of oil right now. I'm not sure if it will work out though, I have a question:

    I'm using all of the weed I used last night (because I only simmered for like 45 minutes so I figure there's some thc in there) as well as roughly 4 gs of brand new reg. I plan to simmer for like 2 hours to get every bit of thc out. Should that work? Either way I'm gonna try :hello:.
  14. The second batch was totally awesome too. Just for everyone's general information: weed brownies are not near as hard as you may think. Just make the oil!!

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