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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 Toker, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Paha last night was an experience, me and my chum had a baking session and bought an eigth we had it all withing 3 hours at my mams house of all places :D anyway she walks in from work and it reeks and my eyes are the same colour as this face :mad: She asked if we were stoned and we just gave in and accepted defeat she wasnt too fussed and made us a nice greek cous cous dish so all in all a hilarious night especially since we had a blueberry blunt :smoke:
  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Your mom sounds awesome. Props to her.
  4. Yeah shes cool :D im usually at my flat but thought i would pop over she grew it 2 years ago and is a frequent toker but i still thought she might have said something a bit more aggressive.
  5. I wish my mom grew weed. She would make me special brownies! :D
  6. Damn, I wish my mom had been that chill when they caught me the first time. I got sent to a private school for Jr./Sr. year :(.
  7. When i was i
    n highschool and would come home late stoned there would almost always be munchies left out for me. I love my madre.
  8. Why go to highschool when you can go to school high.

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