baked? or not?

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  1. so today i decided to smoke some weed, ive been doing that on regular basis for two weeks now and i enjoy it.
    so i took a huge bowl of bong and hit it. I smoke high quality weed, not what you consider dank, but a level or two lower than that.
    so i took it about 4 pm then after an hour my friend came over and i took one more , also huge one.
    so then we decided to go play basketball, because thats what we do on mondays.
    so we took a bus and thats where it all started.
    i started to feel very buzzed, i mean really, i didnt even want to talk or laugh, i just had a weird feelings, like i would be tripping or smething.
    then i felt my muscles are gettin weaker, that i wouldnt be able to lift my light bag easily.
    after i stepped out of a bus, i felt that somethings not alright and i cant move properly ;DD
    anyways, i planked right into the snow, with everybody watching, that was kinda lame because i didnt want to stand up, i just couldnt ;D
    my friend keeps laughing and asks - are you alright? and i am like - wtf am i doing, but still, not getting up anyway ;D
    then after few questions i burped something out, then got up god fucking knows how and proceeded to gym ;D
    then i slowly, very very slowly started to get back, but enjoying every moment.
    i think that was awesome, im looking forward to repeat that, i guess i was what you guys call baked in that point. i guess i just gonna stay home with my friends next time lol

    thanks for attention guyz )
  2. you swallowed smoke, end of story.
  3. You felt sick because you swallowed smoke, then burped it ;)
    You are welcomez
  4. That happens ;)
  5. if your smoking high quality weed chances are its probably dank. two steps below that is shwagg.

    it goes

    fucking dank
    shwagg. the top one is a personal one for my list though lol
  6. Forgot beasters/fire lol
  7. yeah that was pretty strong stuff and i loved it. i mean, does it happens or has it happened to you guys? ever?
  8. no, i don't fall on the ground from smoking weed. LOL.
    but i do burp up smoke after fat bong rips sometimes like a minute or two after hitting it.
    i think it's funny af. :smoking:

  9. i don't get beasters... fucking dank = super fire
  10. Lol imagine weed if whenever we smoked we would fall over and plank
  11. hahah. i'd be planking multiple times a day. LOL.
    hell, i'd be planking right now. hahaha.

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