BaKeD Goods Project

Discussion in 'General' started by MacTavish, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. yeah you can keep your virus
  2. mmmm ya thanks

    for those who are not crazy, thanks for the help
  3. And for those who want the monkey virus then click.
  4. please do not respond again.... u are wasting everyone's time
  5. Yeah sure monkey virus know thats how aids started.

    Thats why I stay on my boat...[ame=""]YouTube - I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain) - Album Version[/ame]
  6. Fuck land, I'm on a boat, motherfucker (motherfucker)
    Fuck trees, I climb buoys, motherfucker (motherfucker)

    not cool dude, i love my trees :)
  7. How does this have to do with school?
  8. Nothing to see here boys, just a troll trying to spread a virus.

    And maybe a boat.

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