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  1. Damn, I just got done with a 20minute pursuit chase on Need For Speed: Most Wanted for the xbox 360....played it on my sony dlp hdtv, and it looks awesome lol along with a surround sound system. feels just like the real thing and had 6 cop cars in front of me blocking, while two cops were chasing me from behind.
  2. Dude now i wanna play that shit when I get stoned next time-- I got the game never knew why i never thought of that! But man, Halo is the shit too when your high! My he smokes, and that foo fucking gets mad crazy in that game... He once won a game with nothing but stickies...WTF!? I know...who says weed is bad?:hello:
  3. I play mostly online FPS. Mostly halflife2 and mods (CS, DOD). I actually, last weekend found this awesome mod called hidden source. Its like a team of counter terrorists agains 1 invisible creature with a knife who can pounce around really fast. You can just barely see the other dude, when he moves around he kinda looks like really clear water, and when hes still you almost cant see him at all. Its such a tense game, you're walking around with you're group of ct's then you're suddenly slashed by an invisible freak. And when you do get to play the invisible dude, its a total hunt.

    heres a pic of the hidden:

  4. haha, cool. just like Predator. I used to play half life mods for the original half life. day of defeat. firearms. vampire slayer. etc. they were addictive as fuck. I've never got to play half life 2 because my computer is old and wouldn't be able to run it.

    I've been playing Psychonauts for PS2 lately (it's also for xbox and gamecube)... AWESOME game. It's extremely funny, and really trippy... great to play after toking up. The dialogue is hilarious, and there's some hidden subtle drug humor in there too... about ecstacy and acid. haha.

  5. Ok, I used to play firearms too, but havent since i got hl2, so i just went to check developement for a source firearms. Its now being called world at war. but its WEIRD AS FUCK. They're implementing all these wierd ass realistic things into the game, idk if this will be good or bad, i gotta see how it plays.
    But for example on the field of battle you gotta stay hydrated and fed, so you can buy MRE's (mealreadytoeat) and backpack canteens at certain resupply points. Every once in a while you have to shit or piss. If you piss theres a random possibility of getting your zipper stuck, if you shit, it takes between 10s-2min, and theres a random possibility you could have blood in your shit in which case you need to find a doctor :confused: .
    Lol, when you get shot this happens: " When you are shot, one of those really weird-ass Escher spinning thingamy-whatsits appears on the screen to hyptnotize you. Then, a combination of post-hypnotic suggestions and subliminal messages will instruct the player to open his CD drive, insert his penis into the tray, and close the drive again."

    also: "Ego-tripping: The bigger your K:D ratio, the bigger your player's penis gets. Sulsa and Olah have implemented mesh deformation so that Wangular Bigification occurs in realtime. Multipliers are awarded for anyone with a clanner tag, thanks to Olah's patended Ego Sensor."
  6. dude i forgot.. xbox live arcade fucking rocks when your high... Geometry Wars is the shit!!!! Oh and Zuma is cool too... and the sound in Marble Blast is jsut so real... When your high, you can really hear that ball rolling... you'd have to play it just to know what I'm talking about... never knew i would appreciate sound in a video game, but you can.
  7. lol that's really weird, Lebowski. that game used to be really fun. all of them were. they weren't the most polished, but the game play was addicting.

    hmm I'm not too much into xbox 360. kinda blah to me so far. ps3 is going to be amazing.

    hahaha speaking of consoles, you guys hear about nintendo revolution now being named Wii? hahaha. I'm sure it will be awesome, but Wii is such a terrible name, but then again there's no such thing as bad publicity, and everyone's talking about it, so... yeah...

  8. Yeah im waiting for the wii, thought it was much better being named revolution.
  9. hah we both know you and your friends will love playing with your wii all night.

    hah going to be so many stupid jokes with it.

    calling up ebgames...

    "hey, do you guys have any wii's?"
    "yeah, we have a few."
    "ok, cool. can you hold one for me?"

    haha. :p
  10. I like the people who see into the future saying ps3 WILL be amazing no if ands or buts

    they are probably the same people who belive the numbers sony puts out and the killzone 2 video

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