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bake ride before school

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Atticus1828, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. so me and my friend are driving our normal bake route before school this morning. just going to hit one bowl and head on over to the local high we pull up to a stop sign and my friend hits it while we roll to a stop and im still holding my hit in....
    we notice that the lady in front of us is eying us in her rearview. so i try to hold the hit in until she leaves. she stares at us some more, and finally pulls out. I pull in to get some gas, and head over to school...

    park my car and get we're starting to walk in, this lady pulls up next to the car and yells for us to go over. she then explains how she "blatantly saw us smoking pot, and saw us pass a pipe back and forth" she then goes on to say how she "is a cool mom and will not call the school. but for us to never smoke before school again."

    needless to say I was paranoid all day, but ditched all my shit right after we talked to that lady..I understand we were sloppy, and hit the bowl at the wrong time...but I dont see why this lady had any reason to call us out on. later in the day I realized we shouldve just said it was tobaccoo and we're both 18. haha.
  2. That'd be a buzz kill for me. Your lucky she wasn't uptight and called the cops, screw the school.
  3. lol u should've drove aroudn and lost her for a lil so she couldnt really do anything about it, anyways thats pretty sketch but w/e atleats u got away, me and my friend were baking and a cop pulled right next to us after my friend took a hit, i almost shi tmy pants, i was scared shitless,lukily he didnt see, my friend just ghosted his hit and dam, i thought we were fuked

  4. pahaha, "bake ride"

    ima replace "bike ride" with "bake ride":bongin:

    guy above me i like your sig a bunch.
  5. Where I live it's called a "Bandy Run" and it's a long road that goes around a mountain for about 20 minutes and pops up almost right where you start. I'm from the south so reading your thread made me think of a good ole' bandy run hahah.

  6. dude i used to do the same shit. blaintly smoke every day on the way to highschool, keep the good work up!!!!!
  7. i <3 cool moms

    haha jk but yeah you coulda been in deep shit
  8. w/e she didnt have ur plate numbers u shoulda just wipped next turn and peaced.. i mean u were in back of her like u said and unless ur car has front and back plates (some stats require it?) .. i kno pa doesnt idk where ur from but .. i mean she cant call cops and say a ..blbal car or truck w/e was smokin pot.. uh mam u got plates? no..? well sorry bye haha
  9. Find someones house in the morning, its much safer.
  10. every morning of my junior/senior years in high school I would pick up my best friend before school and we'd roll and bowl (sometimes with a bong) and we had a number of occasions like that, where somebody else in traffic makes it very apparent that they know that you're smokin glar:smoking:
  11. Hmm... stupid kids these days.

    Smoking Marijuana in public places is only going to make it look worse.
  12. it was pretty stupid but those are the memories you will never forget
  13. Yeah, I live in CT so i have front and back plates. plus my car has tons of stickers on the back...

    we left school right after she btiched us out, and ditched all our paraphanelia at my friends house but shit, I was paranoid all day and totally lost my high.
  14. yeah man i know how you feel. last night we were at a party. well someone found out and called the popo on us. i almost tossed my beautiful bowl and 6 grams of dank when the cops showed. i decided to hold on to it and take the risk. luckily no one got searched. they were auctually kinda cool about the whole thing
  15. you're a faggot
  16. I like to pull over and hot box my car (1% tint sides/back and I put up one of those windshield sun visors for the front). One time in a parking lot two people came up looked in my car while me and my friend were smokin. My friend was laughing so loud when they walked away I figured they would hear, but they got in their car and left. Illegal tint is great.
  17. illegal tint is just another reason to get pulled over man.. but i understand what you mean really dark tint is fun to mess with people
  18. We always used to smoke weed before high school driving around. :)

    We would wait and smoke at this old cemetary that nobody ever visited though, if we smoke and drove we were carefull about it. You need to find a place where you can park your car worry free, and then drive after your done smoking
  19. I have a convertible Camaro, and I live in Texas. Most of the time they are over half way down when I'm drivin. You just have to be smart, I said I would pullover and hotbox, not drive and smoke. Cops aren't going to give a parked car a ticket for illegal tint especially when they don't even know if anyone is in it ;)
  20. Naughtyneighbor, what kinda weed is it thats shown in your pic? Those buds looks like brick or bushweed, or some low quality thai? They are like brown? I could be wrong though thats why I'm asking

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