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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. i didint know if this topic would fit good in general so i put it here. anyone go tanning? i decided to drink a glass of mothers milk and then smoke a few bowls to the dome right b4 going tanning. well i was in there for 20 min but it felt like being in an oven for 5 hrs cus i was sooo baked. i got out and i guess from the blood flowing real good from the thc i got toasted. friggin dark as hell this time. feels really good to when you aint got anything better to do than lay around for awhile. bake and bake haha:hello:
  2. I used to, until I realized how bad it is for your skin.
  3. I tried it once, got a littel bit darker, but Id rather have nicer skin later on down the road.
  4. Yea....I don't give a shit about tans....most of the time I'm pretty pale. I like my skin to be un-roasted
  5. yeah i never was a fan of tanning for a long time untill i tried it and realive it zaps the shit outta my acne so my face is nice and smooth and clear and to boot i get a nice shade of tan every where instead of just farmers tan. i like it, kinda sexy.

    and cottons i can understand why you dont tan. a white goat with a big toothy grin wouldint last a minut!
  6. I've only been tanning once and it was before a spring break so i wouldn't get burned in FL. I got baked and the feeling you describe is dead on. Feels like you are in a damn oven for HOURS..... smells weird too
  7. seriously I thought my IQ dropped about 20 points when I got out of that thinng, Ill stick to spray tanning thankyouverymuch.

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