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    I was hitting some golf balls at the driving range, and I suddenly realized life is a lot like golf.

    You need to be have a good bail out technic.

    You need to be able to minimize the damage when you make a mistake.

    For example, if you're trying to hit the driver at the first tee, and there is OB to the right, and water to the left. Which side should you miss? OB to the right? Or water to the left?

    Obviously you want to hit it straight, but unfortunately golf shots are seldom straight. So if you're going to miss it, which side should you miss?

    For those who don't play golf, you might want to stop reading right about now because if you didn't understand the above, you're not going to understand the rest...

    For those who do play golf, you will know that between OB and the lake, lake is always the better choice.

    But how many amatuer golfers can actually choose which side to miss? Most of us have almost no control once the club head hits the ball... we're like praying to Golfing God that the ball hits something... hit the tree! Hit the flag!

    Just, please stop going in that direction because that is the wrong direction... hit something and stop!


    I just realized that I can control which side I want to miss with my driver.

    I usually hit a draw, so it's hard for me to miss right.

    My bad shots would be a hook shot, or a pulled shot.

    So in my first case, luckily the left side is the better side to miss, but what if the left side was the OB?

    Then I'd have to hit a slice instead of a hook...

    So how do I make myself hit a slice instead of a hook?

    And how do I make myself hit a hook, instead of a slice?

    Well, here's how.

    Since I'm already hitting a draw, if I want to forget about the right side, I commit to my shot and don't come out of it no matter what. Then my bad shot will always be a hook.

    But if I want to hit a slice, I'll have to tell myself before swinging,

    "Come out of it if you don't feel good about the swing."


    Now what's that got to do with life?

    Well, like in golf, you're going to make mistakes in life and if you're gonna make mistakes, you better make the mistake that is least harmful.


    When I first started this thread, everything made a lot of sense. But now I'm not so sure.
  2. very glad i stopped by this thread before im off to bed!

    i love the way you think GGrass. it definetly makes sense.
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  3. Hmmm, but on the same note i'm going to play life like I play golf.

    Which is hit it was hard as possible and pray for a straight line. When I hit the bush I'll reassess, aim somewhere else and knock it the best I can towards where I should be.

    I guess life is like golf, I just suck at golf haha.
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