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Bahama High...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by -SoNiK-, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Me and my friend just came back fomr the bahamas, we stayed at a kick ass suite in Atlantis. We take a cab to go into nassau, and the cab driver heres us whispering in thr back so he goes what do you guys want. WE look at each other and are like um, nothing. hes like yo i got sum coke, heroin. And we're like no we dont do that shit we want the majic maryjane. Hes like YOOO MON! i'll hook you up right now. dso were like yea give us an eighth, and hes l;ike whats that? HE offers us a half O for 50$ this is like music to us we pay 200 for a half O of Crip in Miami. SO we buy this stuf which what we call down here fired up regs. w/e we get back to the room and lay down all our stuff, we rolled the biggest fattys, for three nights we brought back chicks and got high. it wasn't dtrong like the shit down here, but we smoked so much we couldn't move. SO the last night we stul had a shitload left. So me and my frine dhad a smoke-race. But by the time each of us had smoked two joints we couldnt even lift up our hands! so we ordered a shitload of fucking room service, pigged out then passed out. I suggest that everyone going to nassau or the Bahamas have a nice triplike we did. WE left Americans and came back Rostas.
  2. That's a sweet story man. It's always great when you can find bud outside of your normal environment!
  3. lol if im ever int he bahamas im gonna take a cab just for this reason.
  4. hehe ever see the beach? Gay actors, cool story :)
  5. thats soo sweet man.... like thccrystals said its awesome to fin dope outta your natural environment....,,, that took soooo long to type.. im soo wasted... fuck man,,,, uugggh
  6. wow... That sounds really fun.
    You sure were lucky that you happened to get in that cab!
  7. yeah when i was in mazatlan, mexico everybody on the street was saling weed, i was like that is the shitiest shit i ever saw but it was sooo damn cheap who cares. great times
    miss danksta
  8. yea it wasn't the quality as much as the quantity we had, i love it tho. when you go on vacation to have fun, and you really do have fun, ima see if i can find pics of sum of the fatty's i rolled. Rizla KS paper is the shit. fattys thesize and width of a cigartte box
  9. damn thats awesome, post the pics i wanna see these biotches
  10. hahhaha, now that I think about it we got this cabby around my parts who always talks shit about he can get us weed alcohol whatever we want. I'm about to get a ride to nowhere just to pick up. I'm reeeeal fucking low.
  11. ride to no where to pick up.. thats not low.. just expensive... fuckin cabbies

  12. If 2 bucks is expensive than yea, you're right

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