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    So a few months ago my friend introduced me to one of his "lesbian" friends. We got along just fine and i kept my mouth shut and held back any juvenile gay jokes when she was around. He hangs out with her alot and since he is my room mate we all hang out when ever im home. After a few parties together we got to know each other better and became friends.

    At the end of one of the parties I was so thrashed I stole a blanket and pillow from her and her girl friend then slept on the opposite side of the bed from them. I woke up freezing and to them laughing but it was cool cause I had to leave for work anyway. So we were riding up the hill in the car with her and my room mate and she starts talking about how she doesnt want to go home because her parents hate her. So I, hung over, crack a joke "well you could always sleep in my bed, its a california king with a pillow top." I laugh and so does my room mate but she responds with "I wouldnt mind cuddling with you." I figure its a joke and go about things as usual.

    Then like 4 days ago we were all supposed to go camping and partying. I tell them that i might not be able to make it cause i have to work at 8 30 the next morning so she looks at me and says that shes not gonna go if i dont. At that point im like, :confused: "Ill go then i guess". She laughs and I give her my number in case she needs a ride. I get a text from her half way through the day asking if im still going and that my attendance is important. I tell her that my ride fell through and that i doubt it so she says "ill give you a ride". Im like " cool, do you mind if we stop by a friends and pick him up, we also gotta run by wally world and get some beer pong balls." She says sure picks me up and we ride around in the car with mixed company for 2 hours just talking.

    When we get to the camp site she asks me if she can sleep in my tent and if i have an extra sleeping bag. I tell her that Ive only got one sleeping bag but shes welcome to stay in my tent. She says ok, help me grab some blankets from my car. I go and help her and we smoke a bowl. So I ask her, with the aid of liquid courage, if shes seeing anyone right now. She says no and that she is happily single. So I back off help her with the blankets and set up the tent. Once we went to bed we decided to unzip my sleeping back, lay ontop of it and snuggle under her blankets. Nothing happened because it was wayyyy to damn cold to even sleep.

    After less than a hour of sleep we get up for work and she drives me back into town. We stop at some little breakfast shop and get some food and talk. Then she picks up the bill and wont let me even pay for half of it. So I tell her that Ill pay her back with a movie or something tonight after work and she smiles and says that would be nice.

    I give her a call after work and we decide to go see UP in 3d, but i gotta run home first to clean myself up. When I get to the house my room mate calls me into his room and starts to talk to me about her and tells me that she really likes me. So I repsond with "Isnt she a lesbian?" and he tells me that she is actually BI but hasnt been into any guys for over 2 years now. He then goes on to tell me that if i fuck this up he will be the great wall of cock blocks for my next 4 relationships and tells me that he knows im a whore. This threw me off cause A. Ive never been called a whore and B. Shes Bi so my head is racing with thoughts. I tell him ok and walk out but just before i get out the door he yells that I have some hot competition. So I walk back inside and ask him what that meant. Apparently she has the hots for this smokin hot chick and has for quite some time but its going no where since the chick is alreay dating someone.

    So now my head is spinning with thoughts, anxiety, and of course the idea of a 3 way (its a guy thing lol). She picks me up for the movie, i pay for her ticket, drink and pop corn as planned. We watch the movie and cuddle a bit. So on the way back to the house I ask her what she meant by happily single and she explained to me the whole Bi situation and that im the first guy that she has actually really liked in over 2 years but she doesnt know what to do about it because she also likes this other chick. She tells me not to worry about it though because im single and that gives me a head start. We go back to my place and she stays the night. I tell her that Im not gonna sleep with her if she wants any chance of a relationship because for some dumb reason I get bored after sex and move on. She thanks me for telling her that and we get to the for play. After were done I ask her what the deal is with this other chick and tell her that I really like her and ask her if she wants to date. She tells me that she cant answer that right now but she really likes me and i shouldnt worry about the other chick. Now weve been texting eachother non stop about random stuff and plan on hanging out again tonight.

    The only problem is I have no clue on what to do. I can handle telling guys to fuck off when they are looking at my girl but what do I do when a girl is looking at my girl?! Not to mention the fact that Im pretty certain a woman knows how to make another woman happy in bed more so than I do. But apparently she says im good with my hands so we will see. What do I do about this other chick though? I know woman have no code when it comes to love and war. That and this is the first time ive ever felt this way about a girl. Im freakin out man! hahahaha
  2. Sounds like you have a good handle on the situation, just keep being yourself and good things are bound to happen.
  3. Well, obviously you really can't do much in this situation except to sit back and wait. The ball is in her court. She's interested, your interested.. more than likely it will work itself out so that your together. Just keep talking and hanging out with her.
  4. you can't do shit right now, she needs to just learn that she wants you, keep doin what you're doin she'll figure it out, just don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine
  5. Easier said then done. I have a tendency to fuck things up like this, i tried my best to fail safe it by not sleeping with her untill she decides what she wants. We'll see how long that lasts though.

  6. DAMN bro, +rep for the great read and allll the details. You should honestly just do your thing. Kick it with her, enjoy her company, get down with her as much as possible; but above all else don't think of it as her being your possession. Know that she's free to do whatever else she wants and it'll work
  7. just chill man, it sounds like shes already into ya. so just keep doing what youre doing and dont worry about it. if it works out it works out, if not then not and go about your business.
  8. Thuh-reeeee-soooome.
  9. Personally I think you should've gone for the "have sex and then move on."

    It sounds kinda like you are her "back-up plan" since the girl she really wants to be with is taken. It seems like she would ditch you in a second if she got a chance with the girl.
  10. Thanks, sorry its so damn long.

    Thats what im thinkin hahahaha. It might take a while though.

    But we hung out again last night and were officially dating, theres a catch though. I have to quit cigs :(
  11. You have to quit??
  12. Already trying to change you, huh?

    There was once a girl who was *really* interested in me, and she smoked, but I had no feelings for her "in that way," and throughout our many talks a revealed that I could not date a cig smoker (yes I smoke weed, and I understand the tinge of hypocrisy). The taste of cigs does more than just turn me off. There have been times in clubs when an absolutely beautiful girl goes to make out with me and I smell that god awful cig-breath and I have to say "No thanks."

    Anyway, my point was that this girl that was crazy about me says, "I'll quit smoking cigs for you."

    I said, "If you're going to change anything about yourself, do it for yourself and not someone else."

    You really want to quit smoking, then do it. If you really don't and it is more of a forced hand thing--it's just going to be a source of drama / fights.

    Otherwise, good story and well played on the "no sex until we figure this out" thing, even though it barely ever works and usually just makes that sexual "we must fuck now or I will explode" tension multiply to inhuman levels.

  13. yeah or else no more kisses and kisses are a lot better than cigs. Usually.....

    Trust me man ive been trying to quit for a while, i just keep finding later and later days on which to quit. So this the kind of push I need.

    And about the whole multiplication of tension, lets just hope it leads to some crazy sex :D
  14. I quit a few times every week.

    The missus doesnt like it, buts its the moral victory that counts.
  15. :laughing:
    Ahahahaha that shit made me laugh out loud.
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    Based on this quote I think your more gay then she is.

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