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  1. Haven't been able to get any clones so it looks like it's going to be bagseed plants for the first legal year grow and I have some questions..

    I have been having the worst luck trying to get sprouts this year.. The first batch of sprouts I made my GF put too close to the pellet stove and it killed them all.. Then all the rest of my seeds I started in a shallow tote and the damn cat dug in them and pissed in them and probably killed them all but I flushed the soil and plopped it outside so maybe some will sprout.

    I got 6 Girl Scout Cookie seeds out of a bag, rare.. We have had plenty of GSC and I think this is the first time finding any seeds.
    If these GSC seeds happened to come from an autoflower GSC plant will the seeds also be autos or chances of them autoflowering early?
    What would you think the chances of them being females/males being they are just a few seeds from otherwise usually extremely clean bud?
    The GSC seeds were a little on the light colored side, fully developed, but not really dark ripe looking. They did get slippery/slimey in the cup of water in an hour or so, so I think that is a good sign they are viable.
    I started all 6 in egg shells after a soak, hope they come up.

    Also, I have 3 sprouts from supposedly "30 year old seeds".. I don't know if that is true or not but they come from an old guy so they very well could be quite old.. I wonder what they will turn out to be.. Probably mexican brick weed if they really are old but who knows, they might be awesome..
  2. them bagseeds could be really good mate ,,,grow them out and see if you have a male among them and make some more seed for your self ,,mac,
  3. Way too many variables to consider with the seeds to be able to give you a solid yes or no lol! Lets say the seeds came from an Auto plant that was pollinated by another Auto, then chances are it will be an Auto, assuming the genetics of those original Autos are fairly stable (I still get random Photos from auto seeds every once in a while). Honestly, we could sit here and speculate for days on what it may or may not turn out to be. You will have a 50/50 chance of male or female unless the seeds where the result of female pollen pollination (if that makes any sense lol), then you would have feminized seeds but that's highly unlikely for bag seed. The process takes some labor and not the cheapest so usually the fem seeds are kept or sold. You just gotta grow them and see what happens! If I were you, I might do a little pheno hunting, take a few clones from each female before you flip to flower, and after all is said and done choose the best plant of the bunch and use her clones for the next run.

    Oh, and cat proof your grow cuz you can't trust those damn things lol!
  4. Heh, no..
    I know I could and nobody could technically stop me but growing a male outside around here would be like an act of war if you know what I mean..

    Might clone a female for a mother plant though if I can clone after they show their sex, or clone before they show and kill what clones are males after the donor plants show.. I'm not sure on that yet..
  5. Here's some motivation for you... This is my first grow with a bagseed, can't even remember the strain but she's almost done... You can do it bro [​IMG]

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  6. Getting anxious..
    GSCs still haven't come up yet but it's only been 3 days..

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