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  1. Well this plant was in another Thread but it was for diesel and this is not diesel. Here are the pics so far.. I think ill call it 1 week 1 day? Lol its slow going but im getting there:hello:
    Organic Mix of regular plain potting soil, a little vermiculite and perlite (not enough im afraid though), and compost mix. Right now 42 W cfl and 2 26w cfl. All Soft White. Big Box Fan, Ya know the White ghetto ones? I ordered 3in1 Ph/Humidity/Lumens Tester, Fox Farm Happy Frog (12 Qt), And General Hydroponics Ph up+down control. All that is in Delivery (I cant get FoxFarm Products where i live). Im going to order a 100w MH bulb if i do should i just get that one and will it be enough? Or should i get a few smaller ones? Then i have a big i think 300 w Hps light for flowering.

    Day 4

    Day 7

    Ill keep updating As time goes by. A purple Haze plant is going to be come in soon its Germinating now.
  2. Hey man. How close are your lights? It looks like you got a bit of stretching going on. Can you cover up the stalk a bit?
  3. Lights are probably 3 in away. It looked like i had some crisping going on so i moved back a little bit.
  4. Subscribed - I love bagseed grows. :hello:

    (nice move pulling that lamp back)
  5. I just re read your first post and you said you're using soft white bulbs. Those are not good lights to use for veg because they are the wrong spectrum. You want daylight bulbs because they are in the 6500k spectrum. Even the 5000k lights would be better and would stop your stretching.

    Pics would help diagonse your leaves.
  6. Crap, i thought soft white was the one for veg stage.. i read which to use a while back but i couldnt remember for the life of me. Well.. in my first post i also questioned what would be better, keeping the lights i have, which is now stupid.. or buying a few low-med wattage MH lights from 100bulbs
  7. Which way should i do the reflectors for these cfls? [​IMG]
  8. The second way for sure. 70% of light from CFL's comes off the side of the bulbs.
  9. Excellent.. Now will plain ol' Regular Tin Foil (not all crinkled up) Work as the reflecting agent? And will Regular Plain ol' Cardboard work? If not I might look into metal..
  10. No tin foil. It's made for cooking, not reflecting :p It actually absorbs more light than say, white paint. Mylar is excellent. You could find that at a hardware store, or go to walmart and get a mylar fire blanket. Polished aluminum also makes a good reflector and easy to bend into a good shape.
  11. mylar is the best way to go for reflecting
  12. Ok so like homedepot, hardware store.. It will have it, right? Im taking back the 42w 2700k lightbulb to look for some better options.. stilling thinking about getting low wattage MH bulbs off 1000bulbs.. if that is a good option id like to know
  13. Currently there is Gold paint on the walls.. lol.. i took all the tinfoil reflectors off lights.. temp went from 93-96 to like 87-89 yay me
  14. im making a shopping list lol mylar sounds good, im looking at the walmart website now.
  15. I have a question... 42w 2700k or 2 23 w 1600k lights? its all i have.. i dotn really want to keep any on the plant.. if i let it have its first darkness tonight then put it out in the morning and bring it in when i get home back under new, hopefully, better lights.. no harm done right? :D
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    Ya I have read probably over 100 journals now. I know what im doing wrong but i just dont have the funds atm to get what i want (and need) a 400 w hps so i can put a 400 w mh bulb in it so i can get vegging good!.. but im broke as of yet so we will see.. so far here are my investments.

    soil ~25
    lights ~15
    fan ~5
    Ph up+down/Tester ~21
    Nutrients ~40

    And voila.. all that money and 2 bad babies so far.. well I'm busting some bud then off to :smoking: then bed lol.. later GC
  17. The 2700k for sure. It's not the best for veg, but it's better than 1600k where almost no clorophyll absorbtion takes place.

    As for changing your light schedule, you want to leave your lights on for longer if you're in veg and keep your lights off longer if you're in flower. I would just leave it under the 2700k. Plenty of people have used HPS lights the whole grow and came out with fire.
  18. [​IMG]
    See the line of crap on the side of the cup? From flushing it cause plant getting nut burnt.. bad. lol
  19. what kinda soil are u useing? i know u said its organic but what brand?

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