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  1. I found a very small brown seed out of a 8th I bought and i started germinating it 1 day ago and it has already become larger and green. The pics of seeds on this site I've seen the seeds were a dark colour, is my seed genuine?
  2. humm....

    immature seeds are small, often green or white-ish... nice mj seeds are dark brown with lil darker spots, usually.

    if anything, we'll know soon enough... plant that lil one in a cup of soil and check back in a day or two :)

    -water once a day. we like the soil to be wet down to the first knuckle... :) good luck!
  3. How long should I still germinate for???

    thx for your reply
  4. how are you germing them now?

    common ways are... moist paper towl kept in a warm place, like on your monitor or tv.

    what i do is just toss em in some tap water in a glass, keep in a dark place for a few days. the good ones will sink to the btm after a day, and crack in another day or up to a week. then i nab em with tweasers, and plant in rockwool (or dirt... but ew! hehe)

    or its totally ok for you to throw them in some soil, but whenever you do, taproot down!

    thats right... taproot down!! thats the pointy side of the seed, that cracks first :)

    best of luck

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