bagseed v/s genetics

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  1. small one bagseed. good bagseed too but look at the diff. with a good strain of white widow.

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  2. your pic illustrates what exactly?

    fan leaf size has very little to do with the quality of buds. (barring "little leaf" due to fert imbalance)

    immature leaves are just that.

  3. thats kinda why i posted it. i wasnt sure what it illustrated. i was thinking leaf size might indicate yield ?
  4. one may be sativa the other more indica based..
  5. Leaves dont mean anything. It's all about strains you can have the best seed ever but can produce the shitest weed you ever smoked.
  6. if you were comparing the same strain, planted at the same leaf size could be a sign of vigor. but imho, it is really unfair to compare different strains that way.
    ..dont judge a girl by :rolleyes:..leaves.. or where she "came from."

    here is some pics of some 'bagseed' (dispensary Super Silver Jack S1 :p)

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  7. ........Quality of the plant isn't always about strain.

    The better experienced grower you are the better the plant/weed will be.

    I have seen some dank quality seeds grown horribly. Basically was low mids.

  8. Complete contradictory statement.

    You said it's all about strains, then said you can have the best seed but with bad conditions it will produce bunk ass bud.

    The latter of which is true.

    But, "the best seed" is refering to what? The size? The strain? When you talk about seeds, you are making a direct reference to the genetics that the seed possesses.

    Back to bagseed vs genetics. Doesn't matter, only thing that the seeds from banks have over bagseed is pre-fem seeds. And maybe knowing exactly what strain it is.
  9. u obviously have no clue... u can have a seed out of the worst bud u have ever had and if u take care of it. it'll produce good bud no matter what.
  10. wait you are both right , i can clear this up.
    If you have a seed that has the genetic potential to produce 20% thc, that plant will never have 21% thc. no matter how good you grow , however if you grew it shitty you might only get 10% thc out of it. however a clone or seed from that bogus pot can still put out 20% thc if you grew it right because it still has that potential.

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