Bagseed Harvest

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  1. Ok so this is my first time growing, first harvest, etc etc.

    I screwed up and watered it with water that had some bleach in it, which completely wrecked it and I was forced to salvage what I could and harvest now. Ignore the shithouse trim job, I was exhausted from work. Here's my results.

    Any opinions? How's this look for a first time grow from bagseed?

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  2. Did you try to flush them out?

    I would like to hear how you got bleach and water mixed up? Got to be a good stoner tale right???
  3. Yeah, I flushed them out for about two weeks but they just couldn't recover.

    And, I didn't get the two mixed up, someone put bleach in the water barrel I was using to water them with and I didn't know until it was too late. :/

  4. Someone got it out for you? Weird thing to do. If I hated someone that bad, why not save the garden ,take it . that would hurt worse than lettin you have alittle for your head.Either one is somethin I couldn't do. I would come to you with my problem. Maybe its a "girlie man" messin with you.To bad dude. Thats why you don't show "freinds" where your stash is. Unless you kill them after. dude, You can trust NO ONE!!
  5. Haha, no no, it wasn't someone out for me. They put the bleach in the barrel to kill mosquito larvae that were in there and failed to tell me. But whatever, shit happens.

    How's it all look, regardless?
  6. Looks good, when the plants start budding good I like to take the fan leaves off...let's the bud get more sun, just my opinion i noticed alot of yours are still on
  7. Cool, thanks bro. I'll keep that in mind for next season.
  8. dude i wouldnt smoke anything with bleach in it
  9. It's not the like the plant will absorb bleach and transfer it to the bud. :p
  10. :confused:

    Hey Celtic tell the person with bleach on their mind next time they want to get rid of mosquitoes just use 1 of these; corn oil, non-stick cooking spray which is made with canola oil, or anything edible and oil based in the kitchen. Just apply a bit and watch the oil sheen spread across the top of the water. In fact I bet the bleach didn't kill them unless they used enough so probably half the bottle went in the barrel....ugggg:eek:

    Mosquito larvae just break the waters surface tension to breath air so the idea, and it works so trust me it won't fukup any plants at all if you use the water same day, is to put a film of oil and so the larvae just go up, get some oil instead of water, and eventually just die.

    Phil J
  11. the plant would obviously soak it up with the water im suprised you got anything at all! let us know what it tastes like
  12. Then you're a dumbass.

    Something harmful like bleach may be absorbed through roots, but it won't cycle through the plant entirely. It's not like if we drank bleach, where it would be 'forced' to go through our digestive system.
  13. okay listen idiot, bleach, BLEACH do you not understand that this is the worst possible thing that could go into your plant?? that's actually poisen if you diddnt no already. you saying your comfortable with inahling that is disgusting. you cant possibly be okay with that? look at the end result if you really think your right. go on look at that plant thats the product of a sick poisned plant
  14. Duh bleach is poisonous. Fucking duh. Now you're just being moronic.

    If anything, those buds are immature at best. Wouldn't call them poisoned.

    Take plant biology, then come back to me, dingus.
  15. your a straight out twat, your really really not worth my time wish i cud poisen your plant, if you have one probably dont... please take your negative idiotic boring posts else where dikhed!
  16. Poison my plants? Fuck off kid. Obviously you have some severe anger issues. Maybe you should get those resolved before someone has the right mind to stick their boot up your ass.

    I'm not the one being negative, either.
  17. oh please, kiss my ass you old poof
  18. What's a poof?
  19. your too old for slang dw
  20. Old? Hahahahahahaha.

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