Bagseed, Growing plant, germination, and pretty much some questions!

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  1. ok so heres the deal i've got what i'm very confident is a real marijana plant and not that thing with the yellow flower though i do have some of that aorund, i think its a real pot plant because the leaves are dark green, its covered in thin white hairs, it has a stalk about a centimeter thick, its leaves are growing out, and its probably about six inches high right now, but i've never grown before so please tell me if that doesn't fit the description.

    also, i have five bagseeds, 2 black, 3 green, which should i plant, and where should i plant them? in cups or straight in good soil? and what is/how do i germinate them?

    This would really help me out, any and all feeback is appreciated.
  2. What?? You dont know if its weed? have you ever seen a pot seed before? have you ever broken bud up before? are you a rich kid who only smokes sensimilla? whats ur deal dude? ever looked online to see what seeds look like? Kid you are a space cadet!!!! i salute you.
  3. come on man get us some pics and we can identify it for you
  4. I dont think six inch pot plants have a centimeter thick stem. Remember, there are alot of plants that sort of resemble weed due to their leafs.
  5. Give us a pic.

    But doesn´t sound like MJ to me.
  6. A lot of plants can be mistaken for weed. Lycopersicon lycopersicum plants look exactly like marijuana while they're maturing, so does a small weed that grows as a vine (Forgot the name).

    So basically unless you are positive what kind of seeds they are, you cannot be sure if it's marijuana until it buds.
  7. This stuff, Kenaf, looks rather like MJ in the veg. state. It is widely grown commercially, used to make paper.

    I once read a news article about cops who burnt a farmer´s whole crop of this stuff and had to pay him compensation.

    It would be a hoot to grow a field of it, the seeds are real cheap, and tip off the cops someone has a huge crop of MJ.

    Now the next year........:cool:

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  8. If its only 6 inches tall it would not have THC, so i am only led to belive that yes.......this is not a marijuana plant.:p
  9. SpilledCanvas9 - dont worry about it lil buddy, just stay determined and you'll get to where you want to be. Pay no attention to the remarks made by jordan87, as all of us are not born with the extensive knowledge it takes to cultivate said plant. If jordan87 had a brain in his head or a soul in his body, he would probably encourage your efforts with creative criticism as opposed to the useless rhetoric he/she laid down.
    All that aside, lets get to the good/productive stuff.

    1) Bagseeds - Seed color - only darker colored seeds, usually striped or speckeld are the only viable ones in your stash. throw out lighty/green colored/cracked seeds. Good seeds germination rates remain around 90% for the first 4-5 yrs of their life. Every year after the 5th, the seeds germination rate declines by about 10%. Good seeds generally take between 1-3 days to sprout. Older seeds may take over a week to germinate (again, sprout)
    2) Methods of Germination - u want to either put seeds in a dish with water, and just let them sit there, OR, wrap seeds in paper towel, soak, and allow excess water to drain off, replenish water regularly to keep cloth good and moist, OR, fill cup with soil, put small hole about half an inch in the soil, drop seed in, and water, few days later, ull notice the little cotyledons (pre leaves) pop out, to be followed by the first true jagged leaves we so covet. The last mentioned method (in soil) is my prefered method as you dont have to move the sprout into another container when it shoots, thus relieving stress and human error.
  10. i'm not a big time stoner, i'm not a rich kid, i know what pot seeds look like, i'm sorry if i appear to be a 'space cadet' but i checked today and yes, it is a pot plant, i was wrong when i said the stem was 1 cm thick, its alot less than that, and i would like to thank KemHaze for the helpful advice, as thats what i was looking for.

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