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  1. new to the site, just want to say this is my fav since OG went down and here is some of my gard.

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  2. nice man kinda looks like a christmas tree
  3. ahahah ya i was thinking that to
  4. awesome pics dude that shit is gonna look so sexy all budded up
  5. Very nice grow! It is refreshing to see folks posting pix that actually indicate they know what the hell they're doing.
  6. thanx for the kind comments. I'll post some bud pics soon:)
  7. looks like high yielder the buds should be awesome cant wait to see. did you just water it occasionally or use any nutrients?
    there next to a corn field to so the soil is probably great
    looks great tho you probably dont need it butt good luck with the budding:D
  8. yes watered when needed, just added tig bloom. post buds tomo:)
  9. Some budshots.

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  10. What do they smell like?
  11. like a skunk butt
  12. You better watch it when they harvest that corn. You gotta remember that they are about 10-15 feet off the ground too so they can see alot. Im also in the same boat as you, but I got soy beans next to mine. I had to tie my two ladies down because it was poking out of the 5ft. of coverage I had(6ft 3in. right now and would get taller)
  13. I will be the one harvesting the corn, so i dont have to worry about that.:) But thanks for the advice.
  14. Ill^

    deff a nice sativa looks like the one plant of mine I didnt top

    but bigger

    mines a hawaiian x skunk # 1.

    buds look very similar
  15. Well i have a question scince your harvesting that corn. How much attention do you have to pay driving the combine. I mean can you just like set it on cruise and look around or do you have to watch the rows or something.
  16. haha thats awesome
  17. You dont have to pay to much attention once you have started the rows, but around the corners and when your dumping the corn you do.
  18. dude thats awesome that its your corn field you could set some things up where you could grow in the cornfield ! butt still nice grow again wonderful and the buds are looking nice:D
  19. New Bud pics

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