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  1. Hello Grasscity! I'd decided on a random genetics grow just before summer started, and now we are in July, and getting to 4 weeks of bud formation now. I really cannot believe the progress of these wonderful ladies! We are talkin 30 days to flower, at like maybe 10-12 weeks total grow time so far? I haven't kept perfect track, but if anything it is less than that.

    My secret? Well considering how all four of them are in a 30 gallon rubbermaid container (don't worry it has adequate drainage), with apprx 25 gallons of Eko Premium Potting soil, I mean hell I didn't even space them that well. On top of it, I've given them both Schultz 10-15-10 and 10-55-10 throughout vegging and flowering. I am very conservative, however, with my watering and feeding regime, and I have gotten a good feel for it. But in all honesty, besides this acquired "feel", I have given these ladies nothing but abuse and they LOVE IT. I mean shit, this grow I haven't even given them anything BUT tap water. Call me crazy, but I think I've just found that equilibrium between me being a lazy stoner/grower, and still growing out some amazing smoke.

    Right now there are four wonderful ladies. Two are predominately indica, two are predominately sativa. Suprisingly, the most robust lady is a massive landrace sativa, that is packing on bud formations and weight like I have never seen. One of the indica's is a very large-framed lady, with a very small, dense bud formations. Already they are completely crystal laden, and have 75% amber pistils. I am just hoping for a bit more than a half-ounce from her!
    It's ok though because, the other ladies will make up for it by packing on the weight. I'm expecting 3-4 ounces from the sativa.

    Hell this plants genes are so robust that we cut some tops, stuck them in soil with no rooting hormone under 12/12 of flouros, and they are already fat, crystal covered tops...

    Heres a shot of half the closet about 40 days ago...


    And here are the ladies now. I'll have -much- more shots in the future, especially as I get ready for the chop.

    Heres a shot of the largest Indica's main kola bud. To say the least, she reaks, and looks gorgeous even though I doubt she will pack on much more...

    And here are some of the main sativa pheno, and the largest of the four.





  2. those look amazing
  3. lookin good. are you growing from clones or seed?
  4. From seed, although we have some tops from these ladies that are also flowering right now. I'll have more pics in the next few days
  5. lookin forward to it. i hope my sativa ends up lookin like yours =)
  6. Thanks for the kind words so far...

    This is my second grow so far, and it has been going better than I could have ever asked for. I will keep taking shots, especially as the two other ladies fill out more. I know some people hate seeing grow journals for genetics that aren't available, but for now, I've been trying my shot at growing out the best bagseed possible lol.

    We have a 400w HPS
    4x 48" 40w flouros
    2x 24" 20w flouros
    and like 200w's of CFLs

    I'll post better pics of the setup in the next couple days aswell.
  7. nice nugs you've got there, but i cant help to ask did you cut them early?
    40 days from when you posted this would have been closer to the end of the month.
    those weights you posted were wet, right? please post dry weight & smoke report when they're available.


  8. No they had been air-dried for 5 days at that point and the stems could snap. They were cut early by 2-3 weeks, due to circumstance. They had 8-9 weeks of total bud formation, but the smoke is quite potent regardless, so I guess I can't complain.
  9. much props to you. what was the dry weight?
  10. We had 4 girls, but only the sativa and indica phenos actually produced substantial bud formation. The sativa gave about 3.5-4 ounces dry, and the indica was like 1.5 ounces. Like I said, due to circumstance, we had to chop early, otherwise those numbers probably could have been even higher, especially with the two other, slower growers.
  11. I appreciate the input, but nah that white look is from the intense flash mode my camera was in. Definitely no mold in person.

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