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    I recently moved to a new state for a job. I moved from the Midwest to the Bible Belt in the south. Overall it's a fun place to live. The people are nice and the bar scene's are chill. People do smoke pot here but as far as I can tell nobody deals. Maybe I have 5-0 tattooed to my forehead or something. I met this heady chick at the bar one night and scored a 1/4 of mids. They were pretty good but not kind. For some reason I saved the seeds in my humidor. Weeks later after my stash was all gone and I was still left without a dealer I remembered I had a few seeds. That moment I started the germination with the paper towel/zip-lock method.

    And here we are...

    Today is the 2 week mark after their transplant to soil. I will try and upload photos each week until harvest. Your comments, suggestions, and/or advise is welcomed. I want this to be a learning experience for both me and anyone who is planning on growing for the first time.

    The Rundown:
    22" deep x 32" wide x 6.5' tall
    Ventilation - 250cfm 6" inline fan mounted in attic with an ac register to make it look legit
    Medium - Miracle Grow - Potting Soil (I know most of you don't like it, I'll try something different next time)
    Lighting - 3 30" Floros 250watt MH should be here next week though

    The Plants:
    5 total, sex unknown, bagseed

    And now the pics...

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  2. Close-ups

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  3. In due time, which is way too long from now, the fruits of my labor will be consumed in this beauty.

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  4. Can you move your own topics? If you can you should move this to the grow journals section :). But anyways, fuck the dealers and you'll soon find out that home-grown is the way to go :D
  5. High sika!:wave: Bravo! congrats on you first run. Well inspired if I may say. Looks as though you are off to a pretty good start. Im not a soil grower, but the ones who are will chastise you for the MG soil. you can always transplant them into something better, though. Hit up Misterpostman or Unoit for some advice on that, they are bigtime soil growers and know their shit. Do a search first on soil mixes so you dont piss them off. All I know is hydro, and will continue to convince to But anyway, good luck and I will continue to watch your progress. Peace, TBug
  6. High Dust! ...ahh this is the journals But you are right, home grown is WAY better than what you get on the street. Peace, TBug
  7. In preparation for my new MH I got a 20" box fan to circulate the air and CO2 I'm generating. I also got a cheapo temp/humidity gauge to find I am at 77 F and 50% humidity.

    What is a good way to raise the humidity and keep it there. The closet has a pretty high ceiling. But I don't know if that will make a difference.

    More pics in a week:cool:
  8. Hi sickabuyin,

    Congrats on the first grow. What type of MG soil is that they are in? Unoit has taught me a lot of what I know and he is a good guy to talk to. I am a MG hater and he helped me with some problem seedlings I had in that stuff a few years ago.

    To raise humidity in the room, add an open bucket of water in the room or a few damp bath towels. The evaporation from those should raise RH a bit. However, 50 percent RH is perfect so I would leaf it there.

    Good luck and I will watch this grow.
  9. My bad, you had two topics, I meant to post in the other one :smoking::smoking:
  10. Well, I got my light in the mail today. Now for the true test of my exhaust fan. After an hour with the new 250watt MH running the temp is steady at 86F. I hope that's not too hot.

    Now all I need is a carbon scrubber, I hope. But I think I'll wait until the smell gets bad before I do that.

    Until next time.

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  11. Congrats on the HPS. The HPS really speeds up the time release process of the time release ferts in the MG if that's what you have. I think I see yellowing leaves. Can you take a close up of the soil and plants?
  12. High Dust! Yeah, I saw that after as well. He has two threads for the same grow. I got confused at ont point too.

    Hi sicka! which thread are you going to keep? Just wonderin....

    Peace, TBug
  13. Here are some close ups of the 5 little ones. They seem really small for 19days. I put each in a larger pot hoping it would help them. Is there a way I can remove the ferts from my MG Potting Soil. Maybe flushing them with distilled water. After dropping a load of money on my new light I would hate to loose these babies. I guess it's is better to learn a hard lesson on bag seed than nicer stuff. I do have 12 "Widow Skunk" seeds on the way from Dr. Chronic. I'll get better soil for them, no doubt.

    Thanks for the help.

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  14. This is the thread I will be using from here on out. I realized this was a much better place after I had already started one in Grow Room design. Feel free to delete the other one. After all I am new, but I'm learning, I think. If all 5 of my plants die that will show you how good I am at learning.

    The only Miracle about MG is how fucking fast it can kill your plants. Aww Horse Shit! :(
  15. I Might be over watering... I thought since MG has too much N it would help prevent the plants from getting burned. Am I wrong? How much and how ofter should I be watering at this stage. 19days

    Thanks again.

    Perhaps I would be more patient if it hadn't been over 2 months since I last smoked. Feel free to mail me samplers of your harvests.;)
  16. Yo man.

    This is why I asked you the other day what type of MG they were in. You ignored or didn't see that question so here it is again; what type of MG are they in? If it is time released, a flush will be pointless and there is nothing you can do except get them out ASAP.
  17. Advised him in another thread to dig them out (they small so should be easy) and place in proper soil.
  18. Ok, so after getting some help in my thread on the Sick Plants page I got Humus w/ no nutes added. Here are the updated pics.

    20 days. Day 1 in the new soil.

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  19. Yes MG Potting Soil is what I have, or Had anyway. Thats all it says on the bag other than feeds plants for up to 3 months which every MG product has that written on it.
  20. by the looks of the roots in your other thread, i think they will make it.
    just lay off the water a little, don't add any nutes and i'd use some flouro lights or CFL's untill they get established before i jump in to the HPS. If HPS is all you have just keep it nice and high like 3' or so.
    i'm hardly an expert but from what ive read on this site and from limited experience it should work..

    GL man!

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