Bagseed closet grow (attempt #2)

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    What's up guys I'm lit so if I'm missing anything let me know and watch as I try to grow some pot

    5 26w cfls
    2 15w cfls
    1 20w flourescent

    The soil is an organic mix my friend gave me.

    2 random bagseeds

    2 emergency blankets

    Distilled water

    It's been about a week since germination

    I like these shelves I can easily unscrew each shelf so I have something to put shit on and hang the lights on. The top shelf is about 5 feet high and with about 16 in. in-between each shelf.








  2. So I just woke up and the ladies are looking fiiiiine. The bigger one is starting to grow faster everyday. Check it out

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  3. Oops, I forgot these

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  4. The older one has gotten soooo much bigger check it out.

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  5. Bump*
    If mg is the only soil I can get which one woucause the least problems?
  6. I put my lights a little higher last night so my girl will stretch up a bit and she's finally starting to grow up.


  7. you dont really want her to stretch much in veg, in flower she will then maybe double or tripple in hight..
    the lights close is best with cfl's
    you can keep the bulb inches off her, and she will love it. and will let you know when to raise them up more..
    just saying. unless you want her to be mad tall, id keep them closer..

    looking good so far.

    i also have a ghetto closet grow.. lol
    mine is in a box tho.

    just search my name if u want to see my grow. im using LED
  8. Actually I have room for her to grow 5 1/2 feet at the most lol I want to get maximum yeild so if I don't fuck up I'm going to throw a scrog over it once its big enough. But before last night I had the lights 2-3 inches away but now they're 5-6 inches. I actually moved everything around earlier because of the horrible light leak lighting up my whole room and got rid if the small plant and threw most of my lights over the bigger one and she loves it! Temps are finally stable 73 at night 78 on a hot day.
  9. Forgot pics lol


  10. you know about (Topping) and (LST) ?
    can get MAX yield in a small area by doing that.
  11. Ya I have I'm still just trying to see what would be best as far as getting the most out of my plant and the space I have. I have a 2 1/2 x 3 foot growing space for one plant lol so I've got alot of options.

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