Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SFV, May 3, 2011.

  1. Damn lol ive been doing my research hard for the past few weeds and i just started my PC grow, and this was like the golden ticket for me lol.... i got a little
    dell pc
    2 fans
    lined with mylar
    2 cups with a plant sprouted each in then in miracle grow premium potting soil,
    my light cycle is 20/4 also
    Digital thermometer

    Sorry i hope thats not to much this is my first post :p but what i was wondering was is 2 23 watt cfls thta are soft white enough or do i need more light? i wana do it right the first time lol
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    2- 23 watt 5-6,000K (bluish or whitish) is great for vegging.
    4- 23 watt 2700K for flowering (75W per plant and then some) and the color temp must be 2700K. There can be more lights. The more the power, the greater the yield. But do you have room? Does your room have the power for lights and fans? Do you have fans? (Personally, Im overdoing it on a 20 watt line)

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    Yea i have 2 fans in the back, and im going to add another one in the front, i did have a constant temperature of about 85

    The plants seem to be doing ok with the lights i have im going to go to ace hardware and get some 6500k 23 watt cfl's prolly only 2 tho i really need to get a cheap fan but idk where is best and how many CFM

    I found on Ebay a little fan that flows 5cfm im assuming its quite? idk, not that big of a deal but the problem is its comming from Japan, to Austrlia, to Europe then here lol thats a long ass trip, not even economical for 1 fan really, soo im thinkin maybe radio shack has some cheap ones?
  4. Also i was wondering whats your take on the DIY C02 system? im thinking about trying it i mean its simple and only a few bucks im not droppin stacks on a PPM counter or anything lol

    And also i was told by a friend of mine who has grown and still grows lots of veggies and things, that i should just go ahead and start to flower it once it has its first full set of leaves, whats your take?

    also i was wondering is it going to "shock" my plants if i do add more lights now? its like day 3 of being in the grow box and its been running pretty much 24/24

    I hope i havent set myself of for diaster by using the lower K CFL's they are 23w tho
  5. Update: I now have
    1 23w 6500k
    1 20w 6500k
    1 23w 2700k

    Hopefully thats good for now i only have 2 plants going but space is tight in this grow box im going to have to find a more effective way of getting these lights in here once they start to grow
  6. Well it looks like no one is checking up on this but if anyone is interested i just ordered a nice TIMEX 7 day 24 hour digital light timer figured itd help with me going on vacation in about a month and for going to 18/6 and 12/12

    Link:Digital Seven Day Vacation Clock light timer Plug-in | eBay

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    If not then I dont see why you expect people to check up on your progress in someone elses thread...
  8. And I dont see why you cant be help full instead of making useless comments, the point of the fourm is to help other people out?
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  10. Spooled, allow me.

    I think Sly momentarily thought, as *I* did, that you were SFV and had somehow become renamed. That may seem silly to you, but allow me to explain.

    Sly and I and others have been following along with SFV for quite a while, but he seems to have disappeared. Couple that with your arrival and how you just sort of started talking about your grow in SFV's thread and...well, surely you can see the confusion? Certainly no need to knee-jerk react at brother Sly that way - not that he needs me to speak for him.

    You'll find Sly and myself and tons of others here at the city standing by to help however we can on your own grow adventure. The caveat is, it has to be your own grow adventure :) (aka - what Sly said - make a new thread so we can properly help)
  11. does anyone know if SFV is ok? It freaks me out anytime someone seems to go missing from gc...

    ockham- i've seen you on a bunch of threads and you rock! +rep for seeming like a good person and always being helpful man.

  12. It kind of eats at me, too. If he ain't dead or in jail, we're gonna kill him :D

    Thanks for the kind words. There ARE people on the planet that would vehemently disagree, I assure you, but I guess we all have a few of those :)

    It occurred to me that this is summer break time for colleges. (I'm starting Landscape Design classes Aug 22nd myself!) Maybe he has no internet or privacy at home or something. I'll definitely be keeping a keener eye when fall semester starts hoping he shows back up.
  13. Well put Ock.....

    He might be on vacation for all we know "fingers crossed"
  14. OK guys. I didn't get popped haha. I moved, went on a grow hiatus. Couldn't do anything but blaze for quite a while.Buuuuut. Guess what? I'm back Bitches!!!!!

  15. That up there is a nameless OG clone I picked up from a local collective. About three weeks veg in my old cab. Got her at about five inches tall. She EXPLODED. A lil branchy but that should change with all those new tiny nodes coming out everywhere. Got her on an AN regiment under two 40 something watt 150 equivalent CFLs running 24-0.

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