Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SFV, May 3, 2011.

  1. Growing some bagseed in my little box, here's the specs:

    -2 28 watt CFL daylight bulbs
    -15 watt PC fan/exhaust
    -Miracle Grow Organic Solutions soil
    -Mirror Mylar Film lining the inside of the box

    Here's some pics, notice the leaves began to droop after the transplant, but they're starting to look healthy again.

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  2. fasho im doing a stealth grow to will keep an eye on your little crop as it grows
  3. thanks guys, I'll probably do a weekly update. I also forgot to mention that I'm running the lights on a 24/0 no dark schedule, so it should be interesting to see what comes of it with no dark.

  4. I'm doing 24/0 too. Figure I'll switch em in about two weeks total game time to an 18/6 or 20/4. I'll likely do 20/4 week 3 and 4 then switch it to 18/6 unless someone wanders up to my thread and whacks me on the head for bein a fool (which could happen) :)
  5. Those were exactly my plans! haha. i feel like 24/0 to 12/12 would be wayyy too much of a transition.
  6. Great minds think alike, and I guess ours do too ;) What's the coloration on your leaves there. Looks like some sort of burn?
  7. How long have you been gone buddy? That's purple.:smoke:
  8. sub'd - how far along is it now? just over a week?
  9. yep, seed sprouted april 24th. The set of three bladed leaves is just popping out so I'll do a pic update in a couple days when they're good and visible :)

  10. Dude I been gone since I first opened my eyes Dec 14, 1962 :p

    It looked brown on my monitor - purple is much better :)
  11. Okay so here's an update 12 days in. Seen some good growth and the seedling has already developed a very pungent smell at less than two weeks old! I've been having some big problems with lack of humidity so i started trying a few different things to remedy that last night. I put in a glass jar of boiling water to evaporate some moisture, and that worked shortly, but then the problems persisted. I know its humidity, because the plant is not over/under watered and CFLs can never be too close or burn the plant. Right now i have a moist dish towel sitting under the light/in front of the fan so lets hope that does the trick. If you guys have any advise aside from the lazy uneconomical "Buy a humidifier" I would really appreciate it.

    I've also started some gentle LST at the base of the plant. I'm progressing slowly but starting early to maximize strength.

    Here's some pics:

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  12. Bloody hell, I have advice that is tried and true - from an experience growing - other things - long long ago.

    I dabbled in growing my own shrooms indoors, many moons ago. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, in order for shrooms to start to "bloom" you have to keep the humidity in their grow chamber up to 97% at least at all times. But because they grow in a small chamber (rubbermaid) it's easy to do with perlite.

    Perlite is a master of wicking water - and it generates lots of humidity in small spaces very easily. Remove that jar and get a pan or container that will cover as much of that surface area where the jar is sitting as possible.

    Put about an inch of perlite in the pan, and then add water so only the bottom half inch of perlite is wet. The water will wick up the dry perlite and right into the air. If you get too much humidity from this, it's pretty easy to screw with because all you have to do is change the surface area of the perlite that is wicking the water. (In other words, too much humidity, get a smaller perlite pan :) )
  13. how are they coming along? what happened with the purple? has it been coming in with the new leaves? did the others change from purple to green? curious cause one of mine has purple on the underside and i'm not sure why
  14. They were fine but now I'm having some big problems. The leaves are all warping in random directions in random places! :confused:

    All my new leaves come out purple and turn gradually more green as they get bigger, and they are purple on the underside as well so it's nothing to worry about. They stay purple on the underside no matter how big they get, so it probably something genetic in the strain. sounds like good news to me lol.

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  15. :hello: happy to hear about the purple, was thinking about scrapping mine but now i will definitely keep it growing and see how it turns out

    no clue what causes the twisted leaves though, 1 of my first two had half of the leaves come out twisted and really small, it did that for the 2nd set and 3rd set of leaves before i took it out and replaced it with the new purple seedling, i left the one with twisted leaves under a small cfl with some water and the leaves kept growing and it looks strong so i wouldn't worry too much about the twisting but i'll definitely stop back in if i hear about what causes it
  16. Thanks bud. hope this problem solves itself
  17. Started LST on this little guy

    [ame=]YouTube - PC Grow Box V2 #5 [LST!][/ame]
  18. Here's a breakdown of the Low Stress Training i did at about 2 and a half weeks in. Used a wire across my pot to bend the stock over, and in about three hours, we had a nice, curvy, upward facing plant. The growth did get stunted for a few days (probably shock or ironically stress :rolleyes:) but we go tback to normal growth rate shortly. I grew the little girl a little too small and bushy for my taste so I raised the lights back up to about 8 inches away. I'd like to get some more healthy growth and height before i top her. Here's some picks of the whole process.

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  19. looking good, are you planning on transplanting? a soil grower would have to jump in here since i'm not as familiar but i think the roots tend to grow downward more than outward, glad to see the growth has sped back up wouldn't want a root problem to slow you down again

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