Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SFV, May 3, 2011.

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    Oooooo okay. Sorry about that :)
  2. Got two new seedlings guys! About as far along as my old plant, but they were grown outside so I have to train/top all over again :rolleyes:. New grow cab too. I'll update with some pics later.
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    Awesome! Bagseed seedlings?
  4. yep. same as my old plant
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    Awesome! Are they female or unknown?
  6. WTF??
    Probably unknown since this last one is a dude....

    SFV, you should invest in some genetics,,, that way you dont waste another 2 months... then even if you do get a girl you still dont know whats coming. (like me)

    You should take advantage of the last hours of attitudes june promo.. 10 seeds FREE for spending $42 !!!
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    That is an Awesome deal! I'll have to buy seeds on the next sale
  8. I would but I have two plants 6 weeks in, in a new cab, so i figure i might as well grow them out. I picked out two of the runt plants in hopes that they would be more prone to be females, considering females are much more sensitive.
  9. So here's the two new girls (hopefully) in the new cab. They stretched cause they were originally outdoor, but I plan to transplant them into bigger pots tomorrow, then LST/top a few days later. Running them on 24/0 right now, hope the transition wont be too hard.

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    Dude, I have 8 plants 4 weeks in, and I ain't about to miss seeds of that quality!

    Not to mention (an idea dawns)...

    If a bunch of us are all getting the same free seeds, we could do a synchronized Breakfast Club grow and do some serious science on individual strains. For example, what do we see in G13's Pineapple Express when grown micro, soil, hydro, etc...

    God that'd be a blast...ok </ramble> Glad to have you back in the process so soon SFV. I'm thinking female for ya!

  11. Thanks Ock, and now that i think about it, that is a pretty killer idea.
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    It is a great idea but I don't get paid until Thursday :(
  13. Hey all, just a little update with some hopes for advice. Technically this is my second grow now (muhahaha) so I'm a bit more experienced this time around but I still need your help. My male debacle has taught me not to spend too much time in veg with seeds so i need an opinion here. I just transplanted This morning and after the transformation from outdoor to a 24/0 cabinet, transplanting, and a heavy watering to rid any pockets of air in the new soil, only one of these plants has hardly drooped! :cool: My question is, should i start LST today? its been about 5 hours since the transplant and they seem fairly happy. I'm, going to top after I LST, so I'm waiting on that. Help me out!

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  14. I say do it but very light. Because you just transplanted, they might not be secure in the soil so be careful how much you pull on them
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    Yeah that. Just do it in two stages. Halfway each day.
  16. I just waited a day and did it today. Looking good yeah?

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  17. looking good. Already growing back up vertically toward the light.
  18. Looking very good! They have a very well developed canopy
  19. Should I top one and fim the other?

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