Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

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  1. Having a hard time visualizing how you would strap a branch with Velcro, are you cutting it into thin strips!
  2. One end of the strip has an "eye" in it. Put one end through and you have a loop.
  3. Looks as if you have a nice indica growing there.
  4. Uh, Help me? please?
    This is getting out of control. Grand total of 9 nodes (couldn't get all of them in pictures) and each one is sprouting two more, so if i stop here, we're looking at a 4 inch tall plant with 18 nodes :eek: I'm not sure what to do. Should I start flowering? It's too compact, I have all these little nodes and none of them are very long, but they're all sprouting two more! I think topping and substantial LST could be a deadly recipe. Let me get some of your advice. :wave:

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  5. If you don't flower now, what other options do you have?
  6. Flower that baby!
  7. So what's the expected yield dry and smokable?
  8. as my plant grew bigger the space between the already existing nodes spread out, like the main stem itself grew more, i'd ask around or maybe someone else will chime in, but they were all super close and next thing i knew the ones towards the top had space themselves out more, as long as you're gonna keep lst'ing i wouldnt worry about it being too bushy, i think it'll space itself out but other growers would have to jump in because i'm only speaking from my 1 current grow

    or if you throw it into flower i think you'll be fine also, the branches should get much longer and the nodes should still space themselves out better, but again more experienced growers would need to jump in and say if the space spreading between already existing nodes is normal or not
  9. What's a node? Is that the tips of the branches?
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    A node is where a branch comes off the main stem
  11. I seriously need these "more experienced growers" to chime in asap because out of our small little community of you, me, Ock, and a couple other growers, we all still have very little experience. I'm gunna go ask around and try to get some help haha
  12. Thanks I'm learning every day!
  13. Impossible to tell.
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    You should flower and see! Just work on training her branches. Figure out a way to maybe pull some out farther then others to train them and hopefully get even amount of light to the entire plant

  15. Well, here's my shameless GC rocks, plug.

    That time I had the problem with those leaves I got water on, I went to the special forum you get if you get any kind of membership and I had a really quick response.

    Would love to see everyone in Nirvana - it's a great place.
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    I am thinking about becoming a member to get to the other pages or parts of the site

  17. We have our own non-indexed grow forum and a regular forum where all the GC old timers still hang out. And naturally - the old time growers here are members, so they help out immensely when they see a call for help. Worth every penny if you ask me. I've gotten more info out of this place than any 3 college courses, and that costs a lot more than 30 bucks for a year. Ok, advertisement over :) Not everyone can support, but if you can, the benefits are really worth it.
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    I'll sign up tomorrow! I just smoked and I'm kinda stuck.... :)
  19. Your grow is looking good! IMO your best option would be to switch from simple LST to a scrog. That way, you control the growth of your baby one square at a time, all of your nodes get light, and you do not have to worry about binder clips on your pot. Regardless, you should give your girl at least a week to recover after your latest LST before you start flowering. It lets her gather her strength and not start out 12/12 already exhausted and stressed.

    I am strapped in for the rest of the grow. Cheers :wave:
  20. Hey people. Just checkin in. I started flowering after seeing a preflower on a few branches that just looked like really tiny single ball. I know with males there are usually at least two balls per preflower and they tend to grow out on a stem and get bigger. This particular one has stayed it's same immensely small size for the past few days and I feel as if it may be a female calyx that is just waiting to be put into flowering before she shoots out her stigmas, so we'll see.

    -First few pics are of the bonsai LST I did
    -Then a couple of the two main branches that came from topping after LST (and how they started a few sets of their own sprouts without topping again)
    -Then some overhead shots
    -And finally a picture of the little timer i made for flowering.

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