Bagseed an a feminised photo, maybe auto?

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  1. Bagseed from cant rembemer, 1st bagseed ive fired up, going good, growell peat sillver sand perlite, growth technology range, good shit, this plant was on the 27th july

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  2. 31st July 20190730_081205.jpg 20190727_100940.jpg
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    20190727_100616.jpg 20190727_101221.jpg Seedsman big nugs fast, 22 days old, its feminised photo it was bought as , it 20190727_100629.jpg maybe an auto...any thoughts guys and ladies
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  4. 20190802_193615.jpg 20190804_084111.jpg 20190804_111527.jpg 20190804_111432.jpg 20190804_111432.jpg little bit off trimming took 6 cuttings all st for 12/12
  5. most autoflowers will give you a hint of sex within 3 - 4 weeks

    this ain't as yet
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  6. It sure aint then, cheers @vostok this was yesterday, repotted the big nugs fast as well, 20190806_121834.jpg coming along nicely

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  7. 20190823_175456.jpg 20190822_215710.jpg 20190822_215536.jpg coming along nicely
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