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Bag sizes and prices?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NoSpacesAllowed, May 11, 2011.

  1. I can not remember what the sizes are. Can someone tell me the sizes and prices of 1g and 1/8, like how much is 1/8, in grams. How much are the names of bags sizes in grams. I think....
  2. 1/8 = 3.5g. figure the rest out
  3. These are the prices where I live for most people..

    1g = $20

    1/8(3.5g) = $50

    1/4(7g) = $100

    1/2(14g) = $200

    1oz(28g) = $300-$400
  4. I picked up a quarter pound in a glad sandwich bag once. Quarter ounces and bigger usually come in regular sandwich bags the don't take up as much space.

    I've never had to order less. In fact, apart from buying and selling a few nugs and roughing the cost between friends/siblings, I've never known anyone who bought or sold less than that.

    But then again, America's pretty fucked up. Like, seriously, what's with all your guys' laws? Your whole system is fucked.
  5. here are my prices. (florida)

    1g "nickel" = $5
    2g "dime" = $10
    4g "20" = $20
    7g "quarter" = $30
    14g "half ounce" = $60
    28g "ounce" = 100
  6. If that's good shit...
    I want to be where you are :(

  7. For dank..?
    If so, i'm very jealous.
  8. Must be some shitty weed.
  9. 55 an eighth (3.6-3.8 depends), 190 a half(14.5 usually). thats for the usual dank, sometimes its a little cheaper but still dank, depends what he pays on the pound really
  10. $10 a gram and from there on, but if you get an 1/8 - and ounce, you get a little extra.
  11. $40-55 an eight (55 when very dank)
    $70-100 half-o
    $140-180 ounce
  12. Here in Baton rouge, La

    1 gramish (blunt) = $5
    3.5 (1/8th) = $10
    7 grams (1/4 oz) = $15 - $20
    14 grams (Half oz) = $25 - $30
    28 grams (Oz) = $45 - $50

    1 gram = $20
    3.5 (1/8th) = $60
    7 grams (1/4 oz) = $100
    14 grams (Half oz) = $175 - $200
    $28 grams (Oz) = $375

    No more, no less around here... for me atleast =]
  13. :D
    i stay in florida and that sounds like regs. prices...and bad reg. prices at that.i can get anoz. regs $45 :D
  14. have you heard of google?
  15. florida DANK!!

    the best price=grow it yourself!

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