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Bag Seeds and Friends Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iambuterdtoast, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Keeping temps in check is one of my highest priorities...

    Munkies is on to something..."disinfect" all the plants and clean!
  2. Well there is about 98g worth of wet bud so i am hoping to at least get a few grams of hash. We will see, I dont know this is just grr.
  3. Im pretty sure that it can cause stunted growth, among other problems. I would suggest tho take any and all info and advice that ozzie can give ya. He went thru it and I helped with what info I could find him, but his first hand experience is better then any wall of text could do for ya.

    I bet he will tell ya to scrub scrub scrub with bleach and water.
  4. Thank you for the support, this summer for sure is kicking my ass and i may try to see if i cant get a few bucks from my mother for some help with the labor.

    Any suggestions other than upgrading to a 220cfm exhaust fan that i can keep the room cooler? like something that i could possible purchase that isn't outrageously expensive.
  5. I would try to find an inline fan that is around 300cfm...maybe a fan speed controller to slow it down a touch if needed...

    How many fans do you have inside the grow area...ya need cross winds too...but with the PM you dont want to blow too hard because that just spreads the mildew...
  6. One of the little 5000BTU A/C units they import from China....
    I mean sell at $7&$(&% Walmart is usually like $100
    It would also reduce humidity in the room as well as lower the temps ;)

    I'm assuming you're in a room... you could still rig it up tuh a tent f yer haynday:smoke::wave:
  7. Hey Toast, the turning point in my grow was the addition of the AC. If there is a way you can figure it out, it is something I am sure would help your grows down the road.
  8. Alright well i cut the trainwreck down, and I am not too impressed by the yield, but the buds really do look great. I ended up making qwiso with about 1/4 of the plant and got back around 1.2g.

    I went currently out of bud, so i was able to grab about 6 screens and line them in my bowl piece for the bong, and take some nice dabs. This stuff is nice! It doesn't seem to be quite as potent as the DT QWISO, but the girlfriend approves, and that is always a plus!

    The rest of the plant, about an ounce worth when and if dry, is hanging in the room. I would like to salvage some of the bud, if that is even possible?
  9. Really depends man. If it has any pm I would just quiso it or make some BHO.
  10. Yeah...If its dry and free of PM...smoke it :rolleyes: if it's white like PM I'd quiso or BHO as well.
  11. After getting to take some time with the ladies I have sprayed them all down with the 2 tblspoon and lie a drop of soap, and will see what happens.

    I have fixed the heat issues by about 5 degrees in each room so far, and working on getting it a little cooler.

    I found that the young ones might be having some pH imbalance and this with the heat may be causing some of my troubles. I have tap water at like 7.2 and some pH down that will hopefully give me some play room to correct the issue. However some good news about the misformed TW3 clones have made a recovery and poking out normal and healthy leaves!

    DT is still looking safe, but I ended up cutting about 30 fan leaves in total from it and the taller TW3. OG Kush seems uneffected, I think the neem spray actually eliminated both the spider mites and the chance of mold spores growing.

    This summer sure is packing on the info, and just hoping it doesn't ruin anything! Thanks again for all the help, really glad you all are here!
  12. Here it is guys the TW QWISO Budder. This stuff is for proffesional use only ladies and gentleman. I tried bringing some over to a buddy who has been around bud for a long time and he didnt even want to try any. Whatever, not my loss!

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  13. Exactly man...... his loss.... more for me....
    Errrr... I mean us:confused_2::laughing::smoke::wave:
  14. Friend of mine came by last night and brought some white rhino bho. My god I was beyond ripped. To the point I was wishing I could take away some of the high that I had. He left some nugs of some other stuff for me to try kinda skurred. He said it was from his outdoor grow last year and has had a 9 month cure.

    Lets get a smoke report for that oil man.
  15. Smoke Report: QWISO

    Taste/Smell: The smell is of fresh baby poop, with hints of the Trainwreck. A tinge i could learn to love if since it is such a good thing! The taste is almost of alcohol, but like a clean filtered resin. On the exhale, the smell is almost diesel like. I have yet to try BHO, but would assume the flavors are not far off from using a solvent. But the hit is intense enough to not really care too much.

    I do not have a piece or skillet or ti plate or any of that fancy stuff to smoke this on, and there really isn't enough bud to layer some of this on. So i took 6 screens and layered them together in my bowl piece in the bong and that is working just fine. I can smoke a dab the size of a BB and produce enough smoke as if though i loaded a full bowl!

    The High 9/10: The quality is pretty good considering the PM got to some of the sugar leaves used to make this. You think to yourself at first "Aww come on, I knew that bowl should have been just a little bit bigger." By the time I make an attempt to load a second bowl of the stuff, I realize I dont really know what i am doing because the high has just crept up on me so much. After the second bowl, I can expect that almost too high feeling for a few hours.

    Things i have noticed It seems that I have found a few things out about making QWISO from fresh product. It seems the batches that I use only the sugar leaf for have a harder time drying out fully. It is still a unfirm, and stringy to the touch. However, using only buds to make the product, I have found that it usually will budder all on its own with 36 hours. I can actually pull apart and really get a strong smell off the bud product vs. the quality trimmings product.

    I am glad to finally get some smoke reports up of my own product!
  16. Yo, IBT, bring that shit over here!

  17. The stuff on the left is from the sugar leaf and smaller buds. The stuff on the right was made from only manicured bud after a 3 day dry.


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  18. Any difference in smoke or high?

  19. The high i cannot say is too much different. The main difference lies in the taste and the smell. The blonder stuff does not taste as harsh as the darker stuff. The high seems to be a little more intense, but just a lot cleaner tasting.

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