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Bag Seeds and Friends Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iambuterdtoast, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hello again GC Blades, how have you all been? I am back, and with more bag seeds than ever!

    Vegitation:6-8 23watt 6500K CFL's. Using PVC pipe and panda film i made a custom growbox that is 22x24x32. I like to keep it small because I want to keep this as perpetual as possible.

    Flowering:Currently only running my 600w HPS, but will add an addition 250w HPS ballast if i get more plants going. Current flower room size is 2x7x7. With both 600w and 250w on either side, I can easily start my flowering plants under the 250w and move them under the 600w as they get larger, but keep them on the same light cycle.

    Goal:Produce enough medicine for myself to have for personal use. This is an attempt to cut down on costs, as my area is almost all delivery services of $100+ donations at a time, which i am usually not able to get that amount at a time.
  2. So let's get started! I got my first trainwreck clone 4/15/11, and the 2 in my veg box will be 3rd gen cuttings. The one in flowering is the 2nd gen cut.

    The first clone i got of the Trainwreck was cut down a tad bit early, and flowering for only about 5 weeks produced a little over an ounce and a half. I am hopeful on the 2nd gen to be a heavy producer at full term, and also switching from 250, to 600 watts.

    Bag Seed 3,4 and 5 - Day 2
    Trainwreck 1,2 3rd Gen - Day 1 from cut

    Trainwreck 2nd Gen - Day 20
    Bag Seed 1 and 2 - Day 10

    First clone i had of the trainwreck, off to a great start with the new one comparing it to this!

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  3. Here is a nice bowl of some Honey'd Trainwreck, it is a little harsh but once you take the whole bowl in one hit you dont want to let it out!

    Picture updates of the plants coming soon. I also picked up 2 Dutch Treat Clones, which i am very excited about.

    PS: The guy that dropped off the clones seemed to be impressed with the Trainwreck i have going, and was telling me to get a few extra clones and he would be willing to trade me for some other strains, score!

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  4. Things are moving along smoothly, but nothing exciting yet.

    The 2 bagseeds in flowering are suspect males.

    Got some new shots of the Dutch Treat i got last night.

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  5. Today i had to go out and get some more cloning gel, and this time i went with Rootech. It was only 2.99 for a little jar and it will last me for probably 40 cuttings.

    I took an additional 3 cuttings from my trainwreck in early flower, as an attempt to get more coming in for next run.

    Also the 2 bag seeds that i started up for flowering look like they are males. In the case they are, I will flush the soil with a lot of water, and after it dries out, reuse it for my next set of bagseeds going into the room. This is an attempt to save money on soil, and also a trip downstairs.

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  6. Howdy, neighbor! :wave:

    Your garden is looking good, toast. I'm sure you are going to like what that 600w does for you.
  7. Update: I decided to go ahead and throw the Dutch Treat into flowering today, and i was also able to take 1 small clone from one of them. I will take another clone probably tomorrow or the next day.

    The TW clones are doing well, and the DT is looking fine as well.

    TW2 - Day 31 - Day 11 12/12 - Day 1 flowering
    DT1 - Day 9 - Day 1 12/12

    Bagseed 3,4 and 5 - Day 6

    Clear wrap joint of some Trainwreck from last harvest, smoked for a good while between the girl and I.

    Early PredictionHoping to have my harvest date be August 29th for the Trainwreck.

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    Update: Today i was able to pick up an OG Kush clone, which will complete my awesome trio.

    All is going well, and the clones i have taken are still sticking upright. I am starting to see the flowers forming on the top of my Trainwreck after 2 weeks of flowering.

    TW2 - Day 33 - Day 13 12/12 - Day 4 flowering
    DT - Day 13 - Day 3 12/12

    Bagseed 3,4 and 5 - Day 9
    OG Kush - Day 10

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  9. Run her an extra 5 minutes every day and cut on the 27th. It's a Saturday. You'll have plenty of time to deal with that pesky scissor hash.


  10. Alatar, thank you for stopping by!

    I think that will do just fine, sitting a little over 9 weeks on the flowering time, and give it just enough time to dry and almost cure 2 weeks later for my birthday :hello:.
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    Flowering update: So today I noticed something pretty crazy. Just 2 days ago, my Trainwreck was at 15 inches in height. Today, she as at 19 inches! Not only the 4 inch in 2 day growth spurt, but her flowers are really starting to show.

    Up until this point growth had been at about .5 inches a day. This sudden 2 inches a day growth spurt could be brought on by the full burst of preflowering.
    Or... It could be the Beastie Bloomz i started at 1/4 strength 3 days ago, there could be some science behind this stuff.

    Day 35 of flowering

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  12. pre-flowers are still flowers my man!

    Sub'd up! Keep on growing! :D
  13. Update: Alright, i mentioned in another thread i would do a little update on what exactly i am doing with my setup.

    For my Veg box i am running 10 CFL's at about 11,000 lumens. Even with that, my veg box does not promote as much growth as i would like. Either way, for costing under 100 dollars for a box that will hold up to 9 plants was pretty decent IMO.

    I have a lot of plans for the closet in the future, there is plenty of room for upgrades. The current space is 7x2x7tall. As i get more plants, I will be using the leftover PVC pipe from my old flower box to extend the closet out by 1ft. At that point i will be running the 600w on 4x3 section of the closet, with my 250w on the 3x3 side of the closet, giving me full light coverage in the 7x3 space.

    My clone box is simply a Rubbermaid box with a single 5000k 23w light.

    I have spotted a UFO!!!

    PS: With improved digital camera technology, you can clearly see our spaceship is actually a biplane!

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  14. Growth Update
    Today i decided to LST my Trainwreck that has decided to shoot up. It was at 20 inches, and now i have it at an even 17 inches. I will probably leave these ties on for a few days, as the 600w light pulls on them so hard, that they will do nothing but stick straight back up if i let them go too soon, lol. I first learned this with attempting a super cropping. They are so resilient the damn thing started sticking straight back up as if though i didn't do anything to it.

    TW2 - Day 36 - Day 16 12/12 - Day 7 flowering
    DT1 - Day 5 12/12

    BS - Day 12
    OG Kush - Day 13

    Clones day 8 and 11 from cut.
    Catnip plant i started about 2 months ago, its flowering!

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  15. Looking lovely butter. Im in. You can stand in your grow room, im jealous.:p
    Looking forward to the progress. Bagseed is always hit and miss, but if it;s a girt then it's all hit.:D
  16. Thank you for stopping by!

    I went ahead and popped 3 more beans, and I was able to put 2 of the Trainwreck cuttings into veg after 11 days! I now have 3 bagseeds, 1 OG Kush, 2 Trainwreck, and 3 germinating seeds in my veg box. I still have 2 more Trainwreck clones that should be ready to veg in the next 3 days, on top of 2 Dutch Treat cuttings that look promising.

    The veg box is pretty much filled up, and if i have to convert my closet into a veg box, and the bedroom into a flowering room... THEN SO IT SHALL BE!!!
  17. I would give anything to turn a room into a flowering space, but alas no go, I have a little closet transformed into a wonder box for both veg and flower. I havent been able to get any pics going for the current grow but theres plenty in the 1st grow if your interested.
  18. Update: Last night was a pain in the ass. Took a long time to rearrange the veg room into the closet, and i was able to put the tarp up for a 7x5ft room :hello:. I have enough room in there to place to 250w next to the 600w, which will bring light to almost the entire space. But i need to get a better ventilation system before i get started on that.

    As it stands in the veg room it gets about 82F on the hot side, not too shabby. On the other hand, the new flowering area has reached heats of 92F, and it is a pain to keep it at 85F for most of the day. At night time it drops down to a cool 65F, and the ladies seem to really enjoy the cool time.

    Trainwreck in flowering has stopped stretch it seems almost dramatically, hoping this is not due to heat, but more so due to the switch for bud production. I really plan on pumping some juice into her, trying to get to heavy feedings with Beastie Bloomz, but of course... working up to it.

    On the bright side 4/5 TW Clones have rooted and were placed into veg. 3 Dutch Treat look good, and should be able to join the crowd soon.

    Trainwreck - Day 38 - Day 18 12/12 - Day 9 Flowering
    DT1 - Day 7 12/12

    BS - Day 14
    OG Kush - Day 15
    TW3 - Day 11 from cut
    BS2 - Day 1 germination

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  19. You know, I think Butter works better as an abbreviation than Toast, which is what I had been using.

    I can shower in mine, though that's probably not a good idea.

    Hey, Butter! We have to get you whipping up some QWISO or BHO so we can call you Budder.

    7x3 was a good sized flower space. I imagine the room containing the 7x3 closet is an even better flower space. Cool. Are you venting the heat from the HPS in some way?

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