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Bag Seeds and Friends Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iambuterdtoast, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Haha, yes it seems it would have been better to named myself "BudderdToast".

    As far as the HPS ventilation goes, im going to post something here in the next 5 minutes on what im working with.
  2. Ok so i now have the 2 6 inch inline duct fans running next to each other, in an attempt to pull air through the hood, and then out of the room. The problem is, these are pretty low cfm, and do not do a great job at creating negative pull.

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  3. I guess you will have to see how it does.

    I have 4-inch 178 cfm centrifugal fan, and I'm probably a little under spec. I'm good on temps, but I'm probably a little short on air changes. And I'm nowhere on odor abatement. I need a real intake to address that. Right now, my intake is an open door.
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    Yes i am just going with "We shall see". I am also going with the "Mom, can you spare a few bucks for the grow?" Hehe.

    My air exchange is very poor, but it is the best that I can do. I think i will do fine with heat being my only issue. I have gotten the light sealed out during the dark periods. When the light goes off, it actually is still a little bright in there since it is still 8pm. And then it slowly gets pitch black by 9:30pm. same in the morning, it gets a little light just before lights on.

    The exhaust fan is running 24/7.
  5. May I suggest running your lights at night to reduce heat? :confused_2:

    They will be fine to go thru 24 hours of dark to reach the specified time line. So if your on at 8am, off 8pm; you can keep the light of at 8pm for 24 hours and then turn them on to be on at 8pm, and off at 8am.

    That keeps me under 80 during lights on and during the day the room stay relatively cool because of the ac in the apartment.
  6. The question is, how much light is too much light. I've never gone more than 13 hours of any light at all. More than 14 hours is trouble, I think. The plants will transition back to veg when the hours of "light" get long enough. I don't know what the light threshold is, but "still a little bright in there" does not sound good.

  7. I would love to do this, however right now i do not have the proper tarp up to keep the light from leaking in or out if the lights were off during daytime. And putting a sheet or tarp over the sliding glass door in the room would cancel the effect by trapping the warm area in the room.

    Until i can get some more Panda Film and redo the "walls", I will have to deal with it. I had an idea to maybe slowly adjust the time in a way the plants wouldn't notice as much.

    Each day turning the light off an hour earlier, and back on an hour earlier. I could slowly switch it around. So normally off at 9 on at 9, now off at 8 on at 8, until i get to my 12 hour switch. What do you think?
  8. Whats the point of slowly moving the 12/12 period again???

    Ya lost me.

    But if you cant keep the flowering ladies light tight you should just flower during sun up.

  9. Haha, the switch was for trying to reduce heat by running the light at night instead of during the day.

    I am doing the lights on during the day right now, and temps max out at 90F and it was up to 75-78F today outside (the hottest it usually gets in my area).
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    Update: Been trying to battle the heat here the past few days, but finally got some cold! The plants on the other hand really seemed to enjoy the sunshine, as they blew up in the past 3 days.

    I decided to try something just for a few and keep my 10 CFL's up and also add my 250w HPS into the mix with my vegging plants. I am getting them all spruced up for the flowering room!

    I am at 3 weeks today flowering with my Trainwreck, I will be going at least 9 with her this run.

    Check out the 36K+ lumen veg room! I dont think i will have this up for long like this.

    TW2 - Day 41 - Day 21 12/12 - Day 12 flowering
    Dutch Treat - Day 10 12/12

    BS - Day 17
    OG Kush - Day 18
    TW3 - Day 14
    Bagseeds - Day 3

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  11. Lookn good man.

    Lol Alatar that is the same thing I have for an intake in 2 of my cabs. The big veg cab is fully open in the front since the lights in there are on 24/0. When all the light cycles match up I open all the doors to each one.

    And butter my kush is only a week old but I hope it starts looking like that one you have. Nice work.
  12. Update: Man these bag seeds are becoming my little hero's/herons! I am really hoping for 1/3 girls this time around, JUST GIVE ME ONE!

    Vegging: 2 of my TW3 clones are looking a little outta shape, I think this might be due to nute def. so i added a little Big Bloom to this watering. The other 2, however... are really starting to become little bushes, and I am very excited to get these bad girls up to 30+ days of veg.

    Flowering: Today I decided it was finally time to LST the Dutch Treat. I was really considering super cropping, but they are only a week away from flowering, and i figured this would be a little bit easier on them.

    TW2 - Day 43 from cut - Day 23 12/12 - Day 14 flowering
    Dutch Treat - Day 13

    BS - Day 19
    OG Kush - Day 20
    TW3 - Day15
    Bagseeds - Day5 (growing slowly)

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  13. where are you located toast?
  14. The Evergreen State! WA.
  15. nice....those delivery services are annoying huh? you think its super convenient until you see the minimum amount u need to spend in order to use their service lol, ive seen a few of those.

    nice looking grow man....Im gunna try out trainwreck on my next grow i think
  16. Yea the Trainwreck does look really nice.

  17. Thank you Hecktor! Trainwreck is quickly becoming my favorite strain to grow, even though I have little experience with others. The dutch treat is still giving me a hard time, but this could also be that I am not yet used to the strain. I guess my first attempts with the trainwreck were not successful... So I guess it takes time.

    The OG Kush on the other hand, will be in veg for quit some time. I topped it, and it seems instead of new nodes poking out, the stem stopped and only the bottom is coming up now. So I need to wait until the lower growth catches up with everything else. This will also give me a chance to take more clones and really get a solid plant before flowering.
  18. Ok gotta make a little entry for my new heroin Dutch Treat2!!! This little baby rooted in only 6 days from cut!!! Fastest i have had so far, it was taken on the 4th, and the other one is still waiting to see roots, even the one i took on the 30th hasnt rooted yet!

    My veg area is now completely full, and I will probably have to force out the bag seeds into flowering once i put the 2 other DT into veg. That is fine, as they are already almost 8 inches tall, I figure after a few days + 48 hour before dark before the switch will get them to about 12 inches. I really want to try this method, as I really havent heard anything BAD about it.

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    Update: I will start adding flowering dates here and there, but not every update from now on.

    These bag seeds are on steroids. I have never had a plant grow so fast before. They are only 23 days old, about 8 inches tall, but thick as a bic lighter and fan leaves larger than my hand. So today i put them into flowering, as i took 6 more cuttings as well.

    The veg room is going to finally be a little less crowded with the huge fan leaves out of the way!

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  20. Day 19, right after topping for second time.
    Day 22, blast off!

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