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  1. Here is a bag seed plant. I pretty much threw some seeds into the ground and let it do its own thing. I've topped it a couple times and the leaves on it look pretty funky. Have a look for your self. I tried getting pictures of what I think is a Male presex balls :(, but idk if you can see it well. I will try to get better pics and maybe someone can help me out identify it. The balls are really small, but are growing from the inner node. I really hope its not a male lol. By the way its about 1.5-2 months old. Any suggestions or help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. cant see, the pics are blurry but that would appear to be the area you want to look for little dude grapes
    may want to get a better pic up tho
  3. well here is hopefully a better pic. Is that a hair I see?

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  4. help anyone?
  5. i still cant tell by the pic,cant see balls or pistils but if you see clusters of balls its male
    preflowers are usually pretty easy to spot, sorry i cant help, it is the area you want to look so can you see balls? :wave:

    edit: it looks like new growth but again cant get close enough to make it out

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