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  1. This is my first grow. I have roughly 8 plants as of right now but anticipate to cut at least 4. I havent sexed them yet. Not sure the dates of the plants (was stoned not paying attention) will say the bigger 2 are 30 and 45 days while the seedlings are about 14 days old. Capture%2B_2019-06-19-23-43-29.jpg Capture%2B_2019-06-19-23-42-44.jpg 20190619_211343.jpg 1561000445814.jpg

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  2. On my second to last azamax treatment and i havent seen one for a while so im hoping i got the fungus knats rid of! The smaller plants are reacting better to the lights being closer now so thats good still not alot of significant growth. Someone suggeated i start over and i might not sure yet. Any suggestions? Capture%2B_2019-06-21-18-41-28.jpg Capture%2B_2019-06-21-18-42-58.jpg Capture%2B_2019-06-21-18-47-43.jpg Capture%2B_2019-06-21-18-44-39.jpg

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