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  1. Alright so this will be my second attempt at growing im usin 2 100w cfls in a grow room with ventalation and temp kept around 75-80. Right now the lighting is set on an 18:6 time period. Here is a pic from 5 days. the bottom leaves are starting to gain a yellowish color any ideas why? how does this look for 5 days.

  2. Hi azkrew...Plant looks great so far. Don't worry about the pair of first round leaves. They are just to jump start the plant till the real leaves show up and often die off. Just ignore them as the plant is off to a great looking start.

    How far away from the plant top is your lights? You want them as close as possible to prevent stretching.
    Edit: That is really a nice pic by the way :)
  3. Thank you! the lights are about 4 inches above the plant and its not stretching too bad the stem is only about 2-3 inches long. I was wondering would it be bad to switch it over to 24/7 lighting because its been on 18/6, should i?
  4. as far as my experience goes, plants need the dark just as much as they need the light, just not as much of it, if that makes sense. so, stick with 18/6 and see how it goes. have you only got one plant? if so you better cross your fingers for a female, cos it is obvious that you are very fond of that plant and you wouldnt want all that effort wasted on a male(unless you loooove cannabutter that it :) ) the plant is a lil stretched, my current seedling has that many leaves and its only 1" tall. its not a problem at the moment tho as the plant is still very young. consider placing those cfl's about 2 inches closer, so they are about 2" inches away. also consider adding a few more 100w cfls and a fan lightly breezing the plants. this should take care of the stretching. also, think about buying a bag of perlite (from any garden store) and CAREFULLY mix in all the way in and around the plant until it is around 20-30% perlite in there. this helps with drainage, water retention and aeration) the reason you should do this now is so that you dont have to try and get under all the roots when the plant becomes established. but just be careful not to disturb the lil fella. one last thing. have you any more info for us? what soil your using, reflection,nutes etc? hope this helps :) . p.s leaves look wonderfully green and healthy. the best of luck to you.
  5. im germinating 5 other seeds im using MG for soil and reflection is white paint and im getting a small fan sometime this week.
  6. dont use MG soil. its crap. trust me i used MG and got bud that smelled/tasted like stale carrots. lovely looking plants so far tho.
  7. day 6....

  8. Your seedlings will be just fine. Id plant em a lil deeper though. BTW what camera are you using?
  9. some cheap little 5mp camera not that great, i have a rebel 20d but its broken right now its 9.8 mp

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