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  1. I have recently germinated and planted a bag seed that I had found and to my surprise it had sprouted in just over a week. At this point I have no idea how to take care of it from this point on. If anybody could give me a few tips to keep this growing and healthy that would be appreciated.

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  2. Keep some light on it. Water it every day or two. Whenever the soil gets dry on top. Set up a fan near it but don't have it blowing directly on it. Watch it grow. It's a weed so it can survive.
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  3. Good luck xxx ps.. dont over dose it on nutes. Xxx
  4. You got a whole forum full of guides and help.

    How about reading some of it?
  5. Whoa
    Who are you talking at?
  6. I don't talk at people, I talk to people, and I was talking to the op.

    A grow is only going to be as good as the grower. This means they have to learn and absorb information. Yes, it's OK to get hints and tips, but this dude doesn't even know basics and can't be bothered to read one of the literally thousands of beginners threads that lay it all out for 'em.

    Not a good recipe for success in my book.
  7. T
    Thank you for clarifying. He found a weed plant and is excited to grow. He could read about it or he could ask someone who knows.
  8. I guess I shouldn't get my panties all in a bunch, huh?

    Good luck op. Sorry for the negativity.
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  9. It's all good. I just thought with a negative response he might just say nevermind and give up. Weed people are A-holes. There's so much information on the internet I think having a personal response to questions is great. I like to read. Most people I feel don't enjoy learning that way. I read blogs, watched grow videos, talked to the guy at the local grow shop, researched, planned, and pretty much had it all in my head before I started. Have a great weekend!

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