Bag seed Germination started! :)

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by le4ch, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. Hey i got soem bagseed finally and decided to pop 2 of them into germination does this look like it will work? It is 2 damp paper towels with the seeds in the middle folded 4 times.



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  2. SHould work but that's pretty damn big too just germinate two seeds. All you really need is one moist paper tower folded couple of times and then put in a ziplock bag in a dark cool location. BUt yeah, your method should work
  3. HIGH All, if your greming this way...maybe be best if you put the paper towels in a zipliock bag or other baggies. That wood might suck up the water to fast and leaf your towel dryed out.
  4. Ya id put them in paper towels in a zip lock bag, wait a few days and see what ya got, and try to put more then 2 seeds in it...more luck
  5. I also started on some seeds... i got 11 seeds in my sack (which i wanted :)) and then put 5 seeds in the paper towel and gonna hope it works

    le4ch, What do you use to take pictures?
  6. Hey, i transfered it to a baggy and only used one paper towel this time as soon as i got home :) One of the seeds looked as thought the right side is partially cracking open is this on the right track?

    thanks! :)

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  7. I'm a complete moron so can someone explain germination to me
  8. Hey yo Leach its Jesse call my house tomorrow (thursday) when u get home from school! I got a sack and i got like 4 seeds we can use!!!
  9. just an update ,right now one of the seeds has a 1 cm white root coming out of it, just a quick question . How long should i germinate them foer and would it hurt to germinate them for another day or 2?


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