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Bad Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ixela, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hey I'm really knew to smoking up, and even newer to buying. About 2 weeks ago I was over on the East coast and my cousin hooked me up with weed so I smoked up and got incredibly high for the first time. FOr the next week on the east coast I was smoking up.

    When I got back to the West coast a guy said he'd hook me up so I told him I'd buy 3 grams. When we finally met up he gave me a bag and i give him cash. Turns out it wasn't even weed and I was too noob to notice,

    1 week later i got an actual dealer hookup and he pulled up. I was prepared to inspect it and shit but right when he pulled up he said quick give me the money and here's the weed and bam he was gone in 10 seconds. It was in the moment and I got fucked over again. The stuff i got feels sticky, smells like sticky chili sauce, a,d i don't see proper buds. I tried smoking it. Nothing. I feel like I got fucked over AGAIN. Maybe it is weed and it's just too sticky to smoke but from what I've read I should be able to toke it easily at least from a pipe (i left it own in air for a while and now it's in a jar).

    So where I'm at right now is I think I've just got another $50 worth of god knows what and the dealers number. What should I do?
  2. Take your time finding a good reliable dealer. It is soooo worth it in the long run.
  3. pics? cuz dont sound like bud to me
  4. Mate, before you start throwing money around you should at least know what weed looks and smells like. A lot of dealers are morons - don't let them trick you, they have to earn your trust (by selling you proper weed).
  5. yeah man, drop some pics is hard to hit wet weed some times...but a chili sauce smell?? thats odd
  6. Post pictures for us? And I highly recommend next time you purchase any, specify to the dealer beforehand that you want to see it first. If they have a problem with it, then there's something wrong with that and I'd find a different connect.
  7. Do you have any friends that smoke? Try going threw their dealer and get to know them so it's not some random dude that will rip you off
  8. Take the loss, it's not a battle that's worth it and find yourself a good dealer.
  9. find some other people he did this too and jump his ass
  10. Dont let anyone rush you inspect it before you hand the money over dont be an easy mark.
  11. Here guys I attached some pics for those who wanted to see. And the comments so far are great

    Attached Files:

  12. It's definitely bud, but it appears to be moldy or something. I'm using my cellphone and the screen isn't very large so don't trust my judgment.

    Call and question the dealer?
  13. It looks like weed covered in honey bbq sauce
  14. I just checked the picture out after noticing you can make it larger. That's not weed, bro.
  15. Da fuck?

    It looks like the leftovers from when you make cannabutter. Is there like some type of oil on it?
  16. Looks like random plants or weeds dipped in syrup. DON'T SMOKE IT.
    Weed will never leave a color residue or appear wet.

  17. When i tried smoking it it got all fucking hard and dark like I was smoking sugar. This stuff is sticky like glue. And you guys can look at the pics for yourself, i don't think im exaggerating when I say I have a hard time finding proper buds.

    So yeah about questioning him I want to do that and I have a plan so tell me if it sounds good. I want to call him and be like "yo i have friends visiting town soon and I'm looking to buy around a pound of dank, but what you sold me is not even weed. My friend says you do have some really nice bud so if you're looking for some very solid business in the near future and for a long time I'm gonna need you to give me 2 grams of proper dank and not some herbs mixed with sauce so I know what to expect from you"

    How's that sound?
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    Don't smoke that, seriously.

    edit: Find a new dealer, scam'ers are not worth your time and money.
  19. What the fuck? I seriously don't understand how people get screwed over like this. YOU are buying, YOU are in control. If they can't let you check out the bud first, or they ask for the money first somethin aint right.
  20. Did you guys all see my idea in my last post. What you guys think?

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