bad tuna?

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  1. So last night after over indulging the munchies, I skipped breakfast and had Subway for lunch. Tis the day their damn a/c was out but they said the fridges and coolers were still good. I had the tuna sub and now I can't stop thinking maybe the hot air from the store made the tuna bad.

    It didn't really smell or taste funny but the top of the tuna before they scooped it looked darker in coloration like dried out. I'm thinking this is paranoia. Any sandwich artists out there or food safety buffs?
  2. Lmao worst that can happen is you get a little sick to your stomach, which probably won't even happen.
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  4. i would never recommend buying a tuna sandwich from subway

  5. i would never recommend buying a sandwich from subway!
  6. truth.. there are so many better sub shops.
  7. Which would be? The only one's I can think of are Jimmy John's and Silvermine but I still think Subway taste better than those.
  8. For fast food, subway is the best and cheapest sub shop out there. Not to mention its nation, probably actually worldwide at this point. You get what you pay for really. Want a fast $5 sandwich that isn't the best go to subway. Want a smaller, but tastier sandwich for $8+ go to a local deli. I love subway :D
  9. dude don't eat tuna from subway. that's nasty.
    there's a grocery store called Raley's here that makes amazing sandwiches. they even have breakfast ones and panini too, all for $5. it's about as big as a subway sandwich but stuffed to the gills with artichoke spread, tuna/turkey/whatever, cheese and veggies, anything you want and in copious amounts. god I really want one now..
  10. jersey mikes >
  11. Jimmy John's, Jersey Mikes, Firehouse Subs (my personal fav), practically any local pizza place has better Italian subs, jason's deli, blimpie, quiznos
  12. I agree on never buying a tuna sandwich from Subway. It doesn't ever look good.
  13. subway tuna is never a good idea.
  14. Haha i used to work at jimmy johns. NEVER eat there again, trust me.
  15. I was so sure this thread was going to be about a bad pussy eating experience. :rolleyes: oh well.
  16. buy your own shit to make sandwhiches and get your own customizable variations 20 sandwhiches for like 10$.

    best deal and you know it's gonna be good/sanitary.
  17. I was gonna say something dirty but I won't

  18. try to avoid anything mainstream....look for a family owned shop. not one from a corporation.
  19. Last bad tuna i ever ate was my Ex girlfriends grandmothers pussy. It was in the back of a station wagon. Long story..

  20. I have time..:p

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