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Bad trip paranoid whole body tingling

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bbbaggins, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hello im 18 but my first time i smoked i was 15.
    I smke with a bunch of my friends some purple kush for the first time at 15 and smoked like 15 puffs in the matter of 2 minutes after i finished smoking a minute later i passed out and supposibly i had a seizure when i woke up 30 seconds later i was on the floor high as a mother fucker i could barely walk and everything seemed like i was in a dream but i would be feeling like i was going to fall asleep then i would wake up. I got to my friends house went to bed but i was so cold i was shivering and my feet would get hot they would stay cold. I was like that for 3 hours and my heart was pounding for the whole time then i fell asleep.3 years later smoking once and a while i was back with the friend that bought purple kush and i took 4 small puffs and this time at 18 years old i didnt trip out but we were driving around in his car when my whole body was tingling and shaking first my arms shaked then it dtopped then my legs shaked then it stopped. Then i had a hard time breathing i felt like i was gonna faint but didnt he brought me to his house where i chilled feeling paranoid for like 2 hours till i just went to bed. What is wrong with me is it the weed thats too strong or is it normal?
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  2. No way for anyone on here to know if it's you or the weed, without testing you or the weed.

    All strains are not created equal. I've you've been smoking for 3 years and don't get your socks blown off regularly like that, then chances are that particular strain is a powerful one. Weed is not what it used to be in the 60's. Things got a lot stronger in some strains. I'd also make sure the stuff wasn't laced with anything else.

    Since you were in a car or a friend's place when doing this, my advice would be to consider more private, more secure places. I would not want to experiment with potentially powerful stuff, and be in a car surrounded by the world when it hits.
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  3. Hi did you smoke indica or sat?? If I smoke a lot of sativa I can get paranoid too. Idk about the body trembling that no happen to me. Make sure you don't drink alcohol when you smoke. Drink h20 & stay hydrated. Only take a couple hits. If you feel That shitty I recommend to Stop puffin!!! Or not!!! Much luck!!!
  4. Thanks for the advice
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  5. Thanks for the advice
  6. It was an indica pure indica
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  8. Sounds like you "greened out." You don't need that much smoke to get high ffs. Take two hits, hold them as long as you can and see how you feel in 10 minutes. Then smoke a couple more hits.
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  9. Ok thanks for the advice
  10. You smoked too much, OP.
  11. Yeah my foot always twitches when I'm high.
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    Sounds like an adrenaline dump/stress event instigated or triggered by the weed. You can look it up and compare notes.

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