Bad trip :l

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  1. Hey fellas
    Im pretty newb at toking, only done it like 5-6 times, 4 of which with alcohol. :metal:
    So anyway, i bought some weed off a different dealer than usual, hes my mate, but he gets it from someone else.

    Me and my other mate went to the playground, and i took 2 big hits off a gravity bong.
    he rolled a small joint and we both had half, then he had a joint to himself.

    So i was a bit spaced out at the start, like high without any pleasurable feeling, then it felt like every movement i was making was miniscule, like a cm each time, like a really fast robot. I stood up, and i instantly yakked. we walked home, randomly giggling at shit, but i wasn't even enjoying it. If we were at a social event people would have thought we were the weirdest cunts. It was freezing cold, and my hands were exposed. My throat felt like shit from the smoking. I felt like i was in a fucked up world, and i didn't know where i was. We were walking through my home suburb and i thought we were in another one 50 miles away. we got home, and i plonked on the beanbag and started yakking in the bin again, then fell asleep.

    I prettyy shit today. And im wondering if that shit was laced, like fly sprayed or some shit. Or whether it was just me. My mate was fine, he said it was a shit night though.
  2. Dont get fucked in a shitty place? Its the best getting that high at home
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    high as fcukkk

    were u drunk>

    edit: greening out?
  4. if it was laced you'd know. try to smoke slower so you don't accidentally get too high without realizing it.
  5. Yeah im pretty sure it was the worst fucking place to do it. Im only smoking joints from now on. I wasn't drunk but i had like 3 energy drinks before hand.
    Fuck this has put me off smoking weed so bad :/
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    When I first started smoking I always questioned weather it was for me because it wasnt the nicest thing to do ( First few times I got seriously high, then didnt like the smoke ) now it is literally the best thing since pimping
  7. Haha yeah. Well im only getting off my mate whos supplied me the first 5 times. They were good nights :smoke:
  8. When I was a kid, toked from a joint which was laced, (didn't know or I wouldn't have smoked some).... worst fucking school day ever, paranoid as anything and getting tripped out by friends :/
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    trip means 4 things....

    trip - vacation

    trip - fall down

    trip - hallucinate

    edit ...forgot this 1.......trip - acting annoying/paranoid ( why you trippin fo )

    only thing i gotta contribute...

  10. Roflcopter. Low tolerance.
  11. Its been like 35 hours and i still feel like shit.. Is this normal?
  12. You're fine man calm down. It definitely wasn't laced and the only reason that you still feel shitty is because you have your head wrapped around how horrible of a high it was and that it might've been laced (which, trust me, wasn't). So now you're probably just feeling shitty because you have that one thought looping over in your head.
    Relax, chill out, you're fine. Ha i would usually say, smoke some weed chill out but in your case give it a few days or however long until you're ready again.
  13. dang toke slower bro so u controll your high better

  14. hahahahaha :laughing:

    playtime at the playground
  15. People often overlook the setting when they are new to drugs. It's easier to ride those situations out when you are used to getting high and know what to expect. When you're new to it you can be dealing with too much and freak out a bit.

    Don't let it put you off.. just set yourself a good vibe next time somewhere familiar.
  16. i am too, fairly newb to weed, done it about 10-15 times, personally i think it completely depends what circumstances you are in. If i smoke at home i get really sketchy and paranoid. If i smoke at a mates house or in a tent somewhere or at the park i feel so good. Just something to keep in mind, oh and welcome to bud :D
  17. first off you don't trip off weed

  18. well that was why u yacked most likely
  19. Do you think this is because you are worried someone at home will find out or someone will come to your door that you may know? Most people would find getting high at home more relaxing.

  20. don't make in front of him cause he has a low tolerance

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