Bad things happen

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  1. This happened in the city i live in Brazil:
    One of my greatest friends had picked up 1 lb. and he went to his parents home, which was closer to where he was, so he could chill a little in a bar before he went home. That was about 2pm. So, he enjoyed himself in the bar, as he told me, he had a great time with some girl, and then, he thought: "i ll get my weed, go home and smoke a bone"...
    As he was walking up the street, at night (1am), he was stoped by a cop's car (they were looking for burglars who broke into one's house in the suroundings), so he could not get rid of all that stuff. Suddenly, he was surounded by 8 cop cars, then he was taken to the PD.
    He was put in a jail cell where there was supposed to be 6 people. THERE WERE 32. So, as he got in, the other people in the cell were waiting for the next newbie, to fight agains each other until one passed out! The winner, would get to stay cool.
    The loser would go through a "choke event", when he would be choked near death. Good thing my friend managed to beat up the guy, brake some of his teeth, and stay cool there.
    Even though, only the people who had been the longest in the cell got to sleep laying down. The others had to seat, holding their knees, not to get into somebody else's space, and into sure trouble.
    To leave, he had to pay some cash to the police, and after six nights in the joint, he finally got out.
    Now he s gonna face court and the charges were for dealing since he had the pound in sepparate parts, but his lawyers are trying to drop it to posesion, which i think is really possible since he told the cops he had it for himself, to freeze.
    We can all learn that being careless is a good way to get in trouble.
  2. God that so sucks, this is one of those things that makes me paranoid.

  3. Holy crap!
    Sounds like Brazil needs some jailhouse reform? Cramming that many people in 1 cell ~ I agree, that is why I get paranoid too.

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