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  1. Alright, so I'm a pretty easy going guy. I can find something I like about most everyone I meet, and generally get along well with people. But this roommate, man he's really pushing it.

    ***If you don't want to read through a shitload of bitching, skip to my question at the end***

    It's my first year in college. I was really looking forward to it and other than the room situation its been pretty sweet. That's really been the only problem, my randomly assigned roommate, Ben.

    Ben is the biggest superchristian on the face of the earth. Though I'm personally not religious, I absolutely believe in freedom of religion. But he's a superchristian. He's one of the holier than thou types. Really gets on my nerves. He's ridiculously judgemental and proud of himself for it. We're freshmen in college and he doesn't even drink. Needless to say, I have to be super stealth as far as my hobbies go. He'd seriously bitch to the RA if he even saw a can of beer.

    Now I have absolutely no problem with people's sexuality. Anything's cool and long as its consensual. Ben is the biggest closet gay I've ever met. And that's fine, it'd be tough to come out. But the kicker is, this guy takes every opportunity he can to preach about how homosexuals are disgusting and how the bible doesn't tolerate them. And then, on a nightly basis, he procedes to look at loads of gay musclemen porn on his computer.

    Speaking of the porn, he looks at it while I'm in the room, thinking I can't see it. And then, right when I get into bed at night he pulls his pants down and starts jacking off. When I clear my throat loudly or tell him to hold off until I'm out of the room he doesn't even respond. Just stares at his screen and zips up for a few minutes.

    The tv is on 24/7. Normally I wouldn't give a shit. But, the roomie tends to watch the most obnoxious shows on the face of the earth. It is always tuned to one of the following, at full volume: WE (Women's Entertainment), Lifetime, The Style Channel, American Idol, and various interior design shows. If it were once in awhile it wouldn't get to me. BUT IT'S LITERALLY FROM 8 AM TO 2 AM. And then, on top of the tv, he often plays his music at full volume. THe music is always either christian pop or soundtracks to musicals. Not quite my taste. And none of the electronics go off when I'm trying to sleep no matter how much I tell him to. Even when I turn everything off myself it goes right back on as soon as I'm in bed.

    There he is, right now, curled up on his bed staring at the tv. He only leaves to take a shower or go to the bathroom. He rarely goes to class (taking the minimum credit load to even be considered a student here by the way). All of his food is delivered. He just sits there, either staring at the tv or at me. I can rarely pack a bowl or anything.

    Until I found out and dealt with it, he used to go through my things when I left the room.
    Whenever I get a phone call, he listens in.
    Whenever I leave the room to get a drink from the drinking fountain, the door is slammed and locked.
    Whenever I try to say anything to him, he doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

    I swear I'm not being a pussy about all this. It's gotten to the point where I frequently yell at him, turn his shit down or off, and tell him to get the fuck out of the room. I've done everything in my power to deal with the various situations, but for a lot of it not much can be done. He could really use a good physical "talking to", but I'd get into trouble and that's just not the way I like to do things. I'll just hope that things balance out in the end.

    I don't even fucking get it. I haven't ever done anything to him that wasn't in my own defense. I'm not even angry anymore, I'm just exhausted. It gets so stressful it's fucking with my head. But hey, I'll make it through. Only a few weeks left. Whew.

    Right now I'm on a much needed tolerance break so I'm just a little more on edge. I think I'm just going to wait until the semester ends and summer comes, so that first session can be super chill.

    So anyway, all of that bitching was more for me, it just felt good get all of that out. Sorry for those who actually read through it, heh. My question for you guys is, Have you ever had a horrible/scary/strange/whatever roommate? Any good stories, especially having to do with weed? (and they shouldn't all be bad like mine, funny ones work too)
  2. i jumped around the post a bit, but he sounds similar to my old one. i'll never share a room with another guy for the rest of my life. he starred at me while i slept, only left to go to class. ate my food. went trhough my shit. played crappy music loud, hardly slept, made dumb comments. i wanted to shoot theguy. i dont have any good storries really. well....

    he happen to actually leave one weekend and i had some friends over. one got way too drunk and puked next to his bed. we were all too stoned or lazy to clean it up so i just sprayed it with axe and had the guy pick up the chunks. my roomate comes back and we say its pizza and he puts his fingers in it and smells it and said "it doesnt smell like pizza". i almost sharted yo.
  3. First off, welcome to the City!

    Secondly, That sounds like a shitty situation to be in. Is it too late to ask for a room change? I guess it is pretty close to the end of the semester...

    My roommate freshman year didn't smoke, but he wasn't a crazy fundamentalist like your's either. He knew when I was blazed and he used to hang out with me and do stupid shit or play videogames whenever I was high. Pretty cool kid.

    I'm smoking a bowl right now as a tribute to your first session of freedom this summer. :D

    EDIT: BTW, 300th post, w00t! :hello:
  4. wow dude. Fall quarter my one roomate was pretty shitty(blared ska music ALL the time and played saxophone loud as hell at like 4 am and woke me up..i set him straight for the most part on that) but even with headphones, he would whistle the damn tune for the song he was whistling to which was just as bad

    well i had enough and switched rooms(now in a quad with one other roomate and well he is a douche too, but you know what i am in a quad with one other person and i will tolerate it because he goes home every thursday and is gone until 10 or later at night on sunday meaning i can party or do whatever all weekend)

    since its almost the end of the year a room change wont do much for you but as bad as he sounds, i would fucking get outta there stat
  5. woah have you actually seen him look at gay porn? that's fucked up. this reminds me of a dane cook bit where he had a gay roommate and one night the roommate came home drunk and started sucking his cock while he was sleeping...pretty funny but disgusting.
  6. Since your roommate is a serious religious fa-reek, you should introduce him to the spiritual side of Marijuana.;)
  7. I had a really terrible roomie my first year of University. He never slept or partied and used to intentionally annoy the hell outta me. One night at 3am when I hadn't gotten sleep for days I told him if he didn't shut up or get out I'd beat the shit outta him. The next day I was at the dorm head (or whatever his title was) office because he went and told them he feared for his life. I basicly explained how annoying he was and they said they had to move me out anyway. I sort of lucked out because he hadn't made friends with anyone on the floor so when it came down to it they had him move out instead because of the issues it might cause or something. I ended up with a two person room to myself for the rest of the year (about 3 and a half months) which afforded me lots of opportunities.

    There are probably tons of people who get stuck with crappy match ups in the dorms, it's too bad it couldn't turn out better for ya.
  8. If the dude's a superchristian, then remind him that sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins. :cool:
  9. im pretty sure the bible aint keen on homosexuality (no offense tweech im just saying) nor masturbation. sounds like a hypochristian.
  10. Hahahahahahahaha hypochristian, +rep!
  11. personally i would do anything i could to get on his nerves. I know this one kid that was my best friend and then i found out he was always talking shit behind my back. To make a long story short, all of a sudden his C: drive on his computer was blank and all his passwords were mysteriously changed to something he didnt know ;). GL


  12. Heehee!!! Nice!! :cool:
  13. Good thing that I am on your good side for next year, haha.
  14. hah yea, it takes a lot for me to take stuff that far but this is the most two faced kid ever. Im really suprised that he didn't know it was be cuz earlier this year we were in my other friends room and the asshole friend bet me i couldnt get past this kids windows pw and get onto his comp, so i got in like 3 mins and made his background a huge penis lol!

  15. I hear that...same sitch with my current roommate. We were "friends" at one time...but she came into the apt bitter because of situations out of my control and has been a bitch the whole year. She finally started being nice again the beginning of this semester and so my friends and i gave her another chance, only to find she was talking massive shit on us. So i stopped talking to her, stopped inviting her to hang out, and have just gone about my biz. She, on the other hand, is a total bitch, disrespects my belongings (leaves shit at my room door, instead of on the kitchen table, etc). Can't fucking wait till we move out. My new apt is gonna be a 4br that only 3 of us are sharing...gonna be totally pimp!
  16. blow a fat bong load in his face.
    then kick him in the nuts. :D j/k no violence.
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  17. Damn man, I feel for ya. A friend of mine's roommate was kind of like that, not as bad though. I can understand the superchristian stuff, music,....but the jerking of the chicken to gay porn while you're right there!?!? You should report HIM.
  18. theres definatley no excuse for wacking it even after you call him out on it. I would just start doing the same thing back to him. PLay limp bizkit real loud at night especially that nookie song. No one can handle that. You could also write a letter to his parents telling them hes gay. that would be pretty funny, if you do it send me a copy of it.

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