bad... reallllll bad. help!

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  1. So i got some new type of food to feed my plants and i left for the weekend. when i returned, my plants grew significantly! but i looked closer and there was mold growing on the top of the soil. the food was little pellet things youre suppose to put in the soil, but i just put some ontop and the watered. i removed the moldy soil, and my plants dont seem to be getting any worse from it. but there seems to be lots of dis-colorization. tell me whats wrong pleaseeeee

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  2. It looks like you could use some peroxide to clear up the mold. You should use fox farm soil cause it has lots of beneficial bacteria that combats mold.

    Increase airflow around the stalk and take leaves and stems off so air can circulate. Mildew and gray mold can be real scary but I think your alright.
  3. how much peroxide should i use?

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