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Bad New Year's Eve

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Today....for the first time in my life......was robbed of my weed money. Payed 35$ for a eighth of master OG and its snowing and the guy said he got in a wreck so I believed it..... Then on Facebook posted a picture of him smoking in his car.......with the weed I payed for.....sad day
  2. Go wreck his car!! :hello:
  3. lolololol fucken facebook
  4. That sucks man. Make sure you NEVER pay without the weed being right in front of you.
  5. shit get on the phone and start ordering pizzas to that boys house
  6. You should have known 35 an 8 was too good to be true!
  7. that's what i'd pay.. hahah.

  8. i can get an eighth of fire for $25.... Prices vary in location :cool:
  9. haha. i grew up in norcal, hella cheap prices.
    and harvest time around October. it's like impossible to not smell weed wherever you go. :cool:
  10. sometimes i forget how much people have to pay for their weed. 35 for an eighth a deal????
  11. I pay 60 an eighth
  12. He says he's gonna get me my weed sometime soon, to bad I'm out of this city in a couple of weeks. To the kid who told me to order pizzas to his house.......will do
  13. i'd man up and get my fucking money.
    "get me weed sometime soon"?
    yeah fuck that.
  14. good luck with whatever you do. hopefully you get your money back, but this is an important lesson that most people learn somewhere down the line.

  15. I pay that. I pay $10 a g, so 3.5 would be $35 where I am from.

    Also this is dank shit :)
  16. Oh and to all who say its to good to be true, it is but he was an old connect who. Would always hook me up. He's a grower and his ounces are like 120 of straight dank. He's a sketchy dude from the ghettos and I don't really fuck with him and he hit me up saying heard I was in town, guess he thought he should make a steal. I usually pay 30 for two grams but it sounded so good that I thought I should take a chance.... To bad for him, I know his address and he has no whereabouts of where I live

  17. Yeah it's actually quite the lesson, a 2 for one. Don't trust shady people and never give money before had. Usually I would give people my money if I'm paying below 40 but 50+ I'm always with them
  18. yea man. i recently got scammed for 350 not weed related, but same point. I had a friend who lost 180 in a deal recently too. They sent the guy to the hospital. But my point is you need to think over the situation and just think is it worth the trouble over 35? Any amount would get me mad but personally i would just take a lesson instead of risking potentially much worse consequences from retaliating.

    I would confront him about it, but if he gives you bullshit i would simply cut him out of your life. Shady people are nothing but problems waiting to happen.

    I think life is all about lessons, good and bad, that is the only way we can advance to live better lives and become better people. 35 isn't too much to lose, but now he just lost a customer and is labeled a scumbag.
  19. Well, on the bright side, at least it was only $35 right? It could be worse..

  20. Exactly what you guys say, I'm not one to bicker over 35 and its not worth really getting hurt by a crazy fucker. I really wanted to share my story with the young tokens who can learn by the elders mistakes :p

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