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Discussion in 'General' started by aeroblurg, Sep 23, 2001.

  1. i really hate the ending to easy rider. what other movies have bad endings?
  2. I just saw the movie a few weeks ago, but I did not like the ending to 'American Beauty'.
  3. hannable
    romper stomper
    you have mail
    blue velvet
    enchanted crystle
    debbie does dallas 5
    and house on haunted hill
    as you can see I am critacal of movies. and this is a top of the head list. I don't think you want to hear the whole list.
    oh and dont forget prediter
  4. the whole 3rd matrix :D what a steaming pile o shit!
  5. I can't remember shit anymore. I was watching some movie the other day, dug the whole thing, got to the end and was like "WTF???? I just wasted all that time."

    I don't remember what movie it was. F'in STML!
  6. I sat thru "Open Water" last night, and then wondered why. Could you imagine pitching this movie to the studio heads?

    "OK, like two people go in the water, lose their boat, swim and float for a few days and then die. Whadya think?"
  7. Ok...there's one. Saw it in the theatre. I expected way more than I should have.
  8. cartoons count, cause I'm always rooting for sylvester and he never god damn wins!!
  9. i thought low rider's ending was cool.. it's not what you expect and it's not some sappy ending, and it also blocks any attempt of making a sequel.. shudder

    i hated the endings to 21 grams and amores perros.. two movies by the same director.. amores perros builds up to be the greatest movie then blows it all at the end..

    21 grams had so much potential, but it just ended too fast and then gave some shitty narrative at the end about what 21 grams means.. THE FIRST TIME IN THE MOVIE when they try to explain it.. the movie isn't even about the phenomenon

    hmm what else

    KILL BILL.. what a fart for an ending.. i expected this all-out sword battle but instead they talk for half an hour.. pure farts.. then again what did i expect it's david carradine.. doesn't know shit about fighting..

    and not that it's the worst ending ever but i didn't like the ending of full metal jacket.. i loved it but the end leaves you like : that's it?

    oh and fuck ya i hate matrix revolutions... reloaded got me interested in matrix again, since they bring up all this philosophy and also the origin of the matrix and all that then blow it by using way too many special effects to make up for any decent kind of end to what would have been a great trilogy.. the matrix should stand alone without the 2 sequels

    i'll probably think of more throughout the week so i'm out for now
  10. i didnt like the ending to Jay and silent bob strike back how justice has to go to jail, she was a hot peice of ass, the shittiest and most waste of time flick of all time is Pootie Tang
  11. easy riders ending was terrable
    i was watching it then suddenly theyre both dead and i thought "what the hell just happened?"
  12. if i may quote luke, i hate the ending to half baked when thurgood gave up weed
  13. I Dont Remember What Its Called But It Has Ashton Kutcher Goin To College And Shit, Different Scenarios With Him. I Dont Remember That Much But The Endin Was Some Bullshit Along With The Rest Of The Movie
  14. that was butterfly effect. a family member gave that to me, I unknownly watched the directors cut ending thinking it was the same movie, liked it, and then watched the real ending and thought it sucked.

    I downloaded a movie I had never heard of called "bongwater" with luke wilson, andy dick, jack black and others and it sucked so much. the only good part is when they take acid with jack black and the end credits when they play an answering machine of people asked for weed without saying weed.

    I though the ending of kill bill 2 was the best part of both movies.
  15. i watched saw last night and it was really good up to the last half of the movie...

    i mean, that dumb bitch had the gun but didnt shoot... too much stereotypical bullshit stand offs and dumb mistakes that people would never do in real life situations also made me wishing for the credits...
  16. i thought the whole movie was pretty bad, up until the ending, when we find out who the killer "really" is
  17. The Village
    Matrix 2 and 3
    -----> Halo 2 <------ (i know its a video game but that ending sucked so much balls)
  18. anymovie with robin willaims :p
  19. Butterfly Effect
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    The Big Lebowski-It sucks that Donnie dies.
  20. I hate the ending of Spun.
    As for Jay and Silent Bob i watched it last weekend and this morning both times i was high as hell and i didnt even know justice went to jail. Cant really remember much of nething except that i lauged my ass off especially the first time.

    Shrek lol grrr i got so mad at the end when Fiona changed into an ogre and was stuck like that. And she was ok with it.

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