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Bad knee pain, needs advice

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Responsible Pot Smokers, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Hello, I have a very serious question.
    My mother is 62 years old woman. She has a very bad knee condition. Over the years her knee loses elasticity, and is now just a bone that causes pain, whenever she stands on her feet or lie in bed. A big physical pain... She went to a various physicians and some of them advised her to do a knee surgery to reduce her pain and gave her a lots of painkiller pills, but the pain is still present. She doesnt want to do the surgery, cuz healing time would be 4-5 months and she hasn't got that much time, she will lose her job and money. She has 1 more year until retirement.
    I want to try to reduce her pain with cannabis. I can get my hands to a various cannabis strains, a great Indicas or Sativas for a very cheap prices. Im speaking about some Dutch weed, 100% potency. 50 grams for 70-80 dollars / 50-60 euros. 
    I want to know any methods for consuming THC with minimum psychoactive effects. I can make her edibles, but I am afraid she will be messed up from them.
    Please tell me if you know any recipes for best medical usage and lesser psychoactive effects.
     P.S.: I can obtain only strong recreational indicas or sativas, not for medical usage.

  2. The strong weed is not ideal for many people that aren't looking for those recreational effects. In order to take enough to help treat her problem, I think she would need quite a bit, which obviously would get her high. I've been treating my chronic back pain with medical cannabis. I didn't want to get high. Taking a high THC strain for pain, you almost HAVE to take enough to get high in order to get the pain relief, IMO. So I looked into high CBD strains. That is perfect for me. I've been actually starting to enjoy the THC to an extent but 1:1 with CBD is so much better for me. Works fantastic for my pain too. Unfortunately, that isn't really an option for you unless you order seeds and grow. The high THC will work but I would maybe look into making a topical salve instead of trying to get her to take it internally. Don't get the cheap mids too... A high quality strain is a must. I make salves with coconut oil (extract cannabinoids into that first) then mix with beeswax to desired consistency and add peppermint oil, which gives it a nice tingly feeling that relaxes the area. Here is a different and cheaper alternative that just maybe work. Get some blue emu for her. They sell it at walmart. My dad has a similar knee problem that you described and he was blown away by how great that stuff actually reduced the inflammation and pain in his knee. He is even able to run!

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  3. Once known as a recreational drug or gateway drug, Marijuana now is widely known for its medicinal values. Marijuana effectively provide relief in many medical conditions and symptoms including chronic pain. However, you must consult your physician before any kind of use and know the exact doses for it too.
    wtf...misinformation? :rolleyes:
 think it is 'prescribed' in 'measured doses'...hmm... :huh:
    look at high CBD content with low thc studies...check the reported medical effects out for yourself using google, some interesting info out there showing pain/inflammation relief without the high using salves...
    and there is Granny Storm Crow's list.
  6. Try some "rick simpson" oil. Or make some of your own.
    Also EXERCISE. I know once something get's so bad it can be extremely difficult to even begin to think about it….. but it is truly the best medicine out there.
    I don't know your mothers exact condition, but surgery can make a significant difference towards both the pain and functionality of the joint. But I also feel surgery should only be a LAST RESORT.
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    if you vaporize save all of your left overs and make edibles or oil with the left over and share that with her, a firecracker is the easiest method to use the left overs and vaped weed has been decarboxylated also. almost all thc is vaporized out of plant matter when you vaporize and what remains the most is CBD. this CBD will not have the trippy effect that delta 9 gives you just the sedative effects.

  9. Stop spamming with your bs CBD website I hope a mod bans you for it.

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