Bad indoor strain?? Is there such a thing?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by homegrown4life, May 25, 2009.

  1. well to start off it was just bagseed, i used 2 100watt cfls and a 4ftlong shop light with 2 6400kcfls i had 6 plants and they all seem to stretch really bad and leaves will randomly fall off...this isnt my first first grow i had 4 beautiful its just not working..the lights are "at the closest 2 inches from the plants... i have some white widow seeds..should i start over and use different soil?? i was hearing if you use cheap soil at first"because they don't need all the nutriets expensive soil gives" then when you transplant them use a mixture of good stuff and just regular potting soil so it can get what it needs. just in case it is a utter failure i have already started the others...and i hope they turn out better... but any advice or questions would really be appreciated..:smoking:
  2. im really suprised that noone has answered my question with 31 views..or even attempted...thanks i guess i have to move to another forum:wave:
  3. no there really isnt a strain that is bad. a grower can always control it
  4. well what about the i was stating in the original statment

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