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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Schrananapuss, May 19, 2006.

  1. why do i sjuck at Hydro so much...?? every time i germinate i get to about the 5th internode and then my plants yellow and die... i dont feel like putting up pictures.. mainly because i dont have any but that was the 4th uncessful hydro attempt i had.. i usually go the bubble method with air stones.. but after i scraped my last attempt i just said fux it and bought some dirt at the local picke n save... now my babies are about at the 4th internode and i cant believe how healthy they are... maby i should just slap my damn self and consider myself hydro cursed...

    I dont need any help i was just making a thread to vent my frustration at loosing my 7th crop to my nonhydro skills.... anyways.. anyone else out there also give up on hydro??
  2. i'm getting a new place and hopefully growing in soil and hydro just to see what the diff is.

    sorry the hydro isn't working for you, i've only grown in soil and it's much easier than hydro seems to be.
  3. Sorry to here about your hydro woes Schrananapuss. Lots of people say that hydro is not any more difficult than soil; I disagree. Even though I have never grown hydro everything I have read seems to indicate to me that hydro can be tricky. If it makes you feel any better, at the beginning, I had a few crap crops in soil and my plants almost died. Anyway, glad yours are doing better in soil.
  4. getting soil is a very good idea. the novice should always begin with soil, I did. soil is much easier to maintain and problems are usually less drastic. if you don't know what was wrong with your plants, then you don't know enough about them. so I'd stick with soil, which I think tastes better anyways, and max out your abilities!
  5. i thought this thread was about getting bad dro my bad carry on, i am high as nuts and the reason i say "i am" is because im so stoned i forget the m before space bar then rememven as i am doin it

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