bad habbit...

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. i have this bad habbit of randomly positng up here when im hammered...

    soo whos with me?

    i love vodka
  2. I always kick it here when I am stoned and at home. I never drink at my house though because of the rents. I am sure whatever drug I did at home, I would end up here. That last sentence doesn't seem to make sense to me for some reason.
  3. made sense to me and im the hammered one... my rents are cool with shit pot and booze. i still live at home too. hey free ride and its not so bad. not only that but they arent here.
  4. im in the same boat as u, i still live at home and i smoke and drink at home, and i always find my self postin alot more when i have some alchohol in me.

    but i hate vodka lol idk why.

    horray for massholes!
  5. Yeah, I have that bad habit also... I also live with my parents. They don't care if I smoke but don't really like me drinking even though I'm of age... I just do stupid stuff when I drink...
  6. i like to go here when i'm sober. i'm usually doing shit when i'm high, and it takes me forever to write out a response when i'm stoned or yacked out, and when i'm drunk i can't write correctly. it's just a place to spill my mind really.

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