Bad first experience, thinking of going back

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  1. Hey guys, new here. I wanted to post about my first time. It was two years ago when I was 16 I smoked a joint with 3 other people. When I left I felt my eyes bouncing around my head going crazy, and it didnt help that i get motion sickness. When I got in I thought that there was blood pouring off my body and kept thinking my house was filled with people. I ended up being sick and fell asleep. It lasted a good couple of hours. Is this normal? its now 2 years later and Im thinking about getting high this weekend but i havent done it since that first time. I dont know if the weed was laced or it was just a bad first time or what, what do you all think?

    thanks guys
  2. Probably just a bad first time, what did you smoke a blunt/joint/bowl and how much?
  3. It was a joint, and we just passed it around each of us till it was done, we did two draw death and things with it and the room was hotboxed
  4. Go for it bro! I would try it again and see how you react. If bad, I would still give it one more try, but with less weed. If it still isn't enjoyable, no big deal it just isn't for you.
  5. For my first time I took like 2-3 small hits out of a bowl and was stoned for a good 3-4 hours I could feel my heart beating, everything was in slow motion and had flicker-vision. Wish I could get that way again.

    Its just important to realize that nothing bad can happen with weed and you can always sleep it off. This time just take it slow take a hit or two and wait 5 minutes. Remind yourself that you'll be fine and just try to sit back and enjoy it cause trust me you'll miss it once you start smoking more.
  6. Sounds like you just got too high man. Smoked too much good weed and sat in a room that was filled with smoke, so you kept getting higher and higher. Smoke less this weekend, take 2 hits, wait 5-10 minutes, take 2 more hits and repeat until you are feeling good. If you get too high and you think you will die, you wont die. Youll just be too high to be comfortable, get some food (preferably healthy stuff) and something to drink (definitely stay hydrated and fed when you do it) and lay down and take a nap if you get too high.

    And be indoors when you do it, at your house your your buddies and just watch some movies, play some video games. Dont have a whole lot of people over. It will be much more chill that way and you wont freak out. Have fun dude!
  7. Just pace yourself. Lots of people want to be the big man and keep smoking but just smoke until you feel good. No need to go overboard.
  8. Be careful with the force there Luke!
  9. Every person I know who has been sick while toking on their first time it has never happened to them again so try it dude you won't look back

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